Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bored with winter

My sincere apologies for my lack of blog posts.
My life is a bit lacking, a bit boring.
I don't think I'm a boring person, but lately my life 
has been BORING.

It's the winter time that makes
my life boring.  We can't go do as many fun exciting things cuz it's
so darn cold.  My kids are sick of winter too, which makes me get 
sick of them.....I said it, didn't I?

We went on a playdate today, and all of us were talking about
how winter is getting really old....our kids feel cooped up, and we all just hibernate
with movies and a glass of wine every night.

So far we don't have any warm weather trips planned, so 
I don't have any major shopping to do.

Ugh, even this blog post is boring.
Again, sorry, but this is real life folks....
and it certainly is my real life.

So, I guess I will start being better about just posting about real life.
Even if we aren't doing anything exciting, I can write about it...can't I?
Maybe it will make you feel more normal, or that 
your life is more fun the blogger's life at "So Stinkin' Cute".
Maybe you should tell me about your life...come on, let
me have it...I would be entertained...cuz I am so bored.

So here's my plans for tonight.
I got the movie "Precious" on Netflix today.
Brandon has plans, so it's me and the DVD player on a hot date.
He said there is no way in H-E-double hockeysticks,
that he would watch this movie, so I am alone with Precious 
tonight!  And, I'm gonna do my nails, cuz I took 
some of your suggestions and am gonna make it
a habit of painting my nails.

Maybe that will make my life more glamorous,
or at least I will look more put together in my boring life.

I will end it with pics of my lil' business man,

 ...I seriously don't know where he gets
his obsession with laptops and cell phones....


Tamara Nicole said...

Hang in there Suzanne! Sometimes boring is a good thing:-) My life is so crazy right now I wish it was boring!

And I have Precious on my Netflix too, excited to see it I hear it's good

Travis Cartmill said...
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Ummm Travis forgot to sign out and I posted on his account....
Turner you are such a lil' business man. Looks like your mommy is a good role model for you too. Hugs and Kisses from your Gi Gi.
My life is boring too and I live in the Eastern part of Washington State and it is cold here too. For excitement I have been looking & applying for jobs everday of the week. Trying to finish painting my kitchen which has been a on going job. Cupboards, door and hardware. I am DIY and re-painting all the knobs ect....
Most of all I am missing my family in MN where they are bored and freezing. Suzanne I would watch Precious you, play with T & T, cook and you could feel like you were on vaca. I have already seen Precious but worth watching it again. Be sure to have a box of tissue next to you.. But I would also need some Skinny Girl to go with it.

Mellie said...

That pic of Turner cracks me up! Tell BC to start training him on construction and we can put him to work at Travelers!!