Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Golden Globes Fashion Review

I didn't get to see all of the award show, but really...
who cares?  I saw the red carpet.

I was at a girlfriend's house and if 
our conversations were recorded I would go to jail
for bad behavior.
My theory is this...if you are on t.v. you open yourself to criticism.

I will make my picks short and sweet.

My absolute favorite dress:

Mila Kunis...winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I have a few runner-ups.

Olivia Wilde...this one says fairytale, love.

 This one grew on me fast, plus I love her on 
Modern Family.  It looked better on HDTV, believe me, I compared.

Eva Longoria, hot "sweet revenge" dress.
I don't like her, but I like this dress.

How gorgeous is this color? Is she a size 00 or what?
Gorgeous, not a bulge anywhere.  Simple perfection.
She looks like a bowl of sherbet, and that's a compliment.

Ryan Gosling...hottest one there, so good to see you again.

The dress on Halle isn't that great, but
what about the cuffs? OMG, I fall off my chair when I see those.
Love the short hair and the body.

And here is where it goes bad.

Sandra, you are my girl...I don't feel this look :(

 But, if you had your little boy on your hip, I would 
give you an A+.

I am saving the worst for last.....
drum roll....

I hate her dress, I hate her hair, and
Brad Pitt looks ridiculous in those glasses and 
his looks have gone down the tubes.

They are just a HOT MESS together.
Tell me I am wrong.



Great picks tonight Suzanne the Fashionista Critic that you are...

April said...

Mila looked stunning! Definitely my vote for best dressed, too!

Juliet Mock said...

Oh my! Angelina looks like she stepped out of the 70's. Brad- what are you doing? How much product did you use in that hair? I love Oliva's sparkly and enchanting!

mary timmers said...

Sandra's look says "Im doing my best to HIDE." Maybe you didn't get her look, but the guy behind her digs it!

Great reviews, Suz!

Beth said...

I have to disagree, I loved Angelina's dress, the color was gorgeous and the draping beautiful. Brad's tux fits impeccably but his hair and glasses were over the top. I'm with you on the others except for Olivia's I'm not a fan of "princess" dresses. She looks like she's going to a prom. Great reviews Suzanne. p.s. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was him!

Molly said...

I totally missed the cuffs on Halle Berry. They are gorgeous even though I can't stand that dress.
And I disagree with you about Angelina. It's the first time I've actually LIKED her dress on the red carpet in a LONG time. But you're right. Brad's glasses are RIDICULOUS. And his tie's a clip on. Lame.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!