Monday, January 3, 2011

Hate is a strong word, I will use DISlike...

Happy January 3rd :(
Okay, without being toooo negative,
I hate winter!

But, my thought is this...I have at least 3 months of this 
to bear and I will have to every year while I live in

What I usually do is plan things to look forward to, 
and keep busy.
One way I plan on keeping busy is to watch
the Bachelor tonight.

I've decided there is no better entertainment than
dramatic women, who want to fall in love with a great guy,
I used to be one of them.  I will live vicariously through
these crazy gals and give a good recap on the blog.

I need your help....what shows do you recommend that
Branmuffin and I get sucked into on DVD this winter?
We have done Lost, Weeds, Big Love....
I tried MadMen but B didn't go crazy over it.

My family likes Dexter...I want a show that we cannot 
wait to finish dinner, get our kids to bed and pop in the DVD...
remember that feeling from Lost?  Oh I love a story that continues.

I am so happy that life is back to normal!
I love the holidays, but I love routine...I love knowing what to expect
come Monday morning.

Any New Year's Resolutions out there you wanna share?


lhoffman said...

So my 'Must See' this year is "The Good Wife". It's fabulous and I look forward to it every week. My husband dies for MadMen (he's actually forbid me to watch with him until I watch the entire series beginning with episode 1.)

New Year's Resolution. Hmmm- where do I start? To be a better wife and mom (including having more patience)... Get a movin' (as in exercise), get organized (i.e. house, finances) and get on some type of schedule (most days I feel like I get through them hanging by a thread)... become more involved in our church...Oh, and to be a kick butt CAbi consultant and help MHM skyrocket to success! That should keep me busy...

wright said...

Todd and I like Burn Notice and used to watch Castle (not as much now though).

nealy said...

Hey babe...didn't see you at KPT today...I assume you guys are still home sick? Hope you feel better soon!

We LOVED prison definitely should watch season 1 and 2. Also we liked 24...kind of old-school and maybe you've seen it, but the first 3 seasons are REALLY good.

We are currently on the last season of LOST...sooooo good.

Thanks for the reminder to record the Bachelor!!


Okay let me try this again.... My must see shows that I think you and Brandon may like is called "Lie to Me". Kellon has me hooked on it. I watch it on Netflix, not sure if you can get it on DVD.
My News Years Resolutions would be to take more "ME" time.
To call and leave Miss Tatum voice messages on her Mommy's phone...
I hate WINTER TOO, bring on the heat... Where we live in Washington State is as cold as MN... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Beth said...

Here are a couple of recommendations from The Grussing's. Dave loves Rescue Me. It's a total guy show but the humor is good and there is lots of eye candy for you :) We also just got the mini series Pillars of the Earth. I had read the book, but Dave hadn't. We BOTH loved the series. Good question Suzanne! Dave and I have been looking for something to get sucked into too. I'll look forward to everyone else's recommendations.

Alissa said...

For you - Gossip Girl. For you and B I'm still suggesting West Wing. Chris and I are also thinking about Dexter or finally watching the Sopranos. We also just finished up Season 1 of Modern Family (since we were late comers and only started at Season 2). As soon as HBO's Boardwalk Empire becomes available we will probably jump on that. You've already done Entourage right? That would be on the top of my recommendations. I'm with you about the January blahs!

Muffy said...

Damages is the show to watch! I watched season 1 & 2 on Netflix instantly over the winer break. I'm HOOKED! You and Brandon will love it!

Let me know what you think!

And yes, this is Muffy... I finally posted a message on your blog! You blog is the bomb gurl! :)


Beka said...

Definitely the Sopranos!! Or if you are into the Seinfeld type humor, Curb Your Enthusiasm is great!

Sydney said...

If your into CSI and that kinda I thing, I TOTALLY recommend Hawii 5 O! Absolutly love! My biggest new years resolution Is to adopt a world vision kid and pay for her myself!

Tamara Nicole said...

Watching the Bachelor right now! I'm a sucka for these shows:-)

And pssst I LOVE gnocci! Honestly anything Italian, allll of it!