Saturday, January 15, 2011

Her brother is her "Prince"

{Image via Tumblr}

She isn't going to be able to pull off these games
for much longer.  I give it a few more months max.

He's gonna get smart and say "No!".

But, until then...

My almost two year old, Turner is going to have
to keep on being her "Prince Charming".

He's gonna have to keep on playing her games,
and wearing the clothes she puts on him.

And if this is the only boy she kisses until she's 25...
that's fine with me.

If you have two kids super close in age,
it does get easier, here's the proof.

I don't ever want to be a "Mom" blog, but 
I gotta show them off every once in awhile...

Cheers to two kids who play together, giving me some
time to work on  home projects that I plan to share soon!



This Gi Gi loved your Blog about her grandkiddos... The smiles and laughter they bring to so many peoples lives...

lhoffman said...

That's SO cute! Lauren hasn't quite gotten to that yet, and since her brothers are older/same age, don't know if she'll ever be that lucky lol. I love her little TuTu- so gorgeous!!! At least you've got it all captured in pictures for future preservation!