Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bachelor ...I smell a catfight coming.

Wowsa...it's getting heavy on The Bachelor.
Is it me, or is it super obvious who is going to stay on or not?
I'm glad the vampire girl pulled herself out,
it was ballsy and I actually think she is sweet for doing it.

What is up with Kimberly?

I thought she was cute and then when she got
booted she got all attitudey....

What I've learned on this season of The Bachelor:
1. It's weird to watch a guy want to talk about feelings and 
vulnerability and connecting with women....
especially without a woman asking them to!

2. The gal that got booted should never have worn her hair curly
to the rose ceremony, I have curly hair myself...so I mentally noted that
it can come off deshevelled.  Did you see her mascara running?
Seriously, this show can be so embarrassing for us girls.
and lastly....

3. Emily is soooo gonna win!  She's gorgeous, sweet, southern, and
a good Momma.....what a combination.  Let's hope she let's loose a little.

I also predict that there is gonna be a catfight with Michelle.
She is PSYCHO, too hardcore...he is so keeping her for ratings.
Gosh, no wonder she is single.

Alright folks...what do you think????