Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor minus 3 chicks

Three hearts were broken by big, bad, Brad on The Bachelor last night.
We got to learn a bit about him based on his decisions.

He doesn't like drama...cuz he got rid of the two chicks 
who bawled all night...

Melissa...we get that you quit your job to come on the show,
my best advice is to tell you to eat a cracker with some peanut butter
on it, you are too thin.  Also, crying all night on t.v.
doesn't make you prettier ...you cried off all of your makeup.

You...I don't even remember your name, 
cuz I kept checking out your rack you had on display all
night.  Brad gave up your rack, he probably figured drama comes
with it.

My non-humble opinion on Michelle...

She's a gorgeous lil' looker, but that
comes with a psycho side.  Brad doesn't mind psycho.
He still has the vampire and her....by the way did you
guys know it was her birthday this week?
{Total sidenote: I LOVED her necklace on the group date with 
turquoise...someone find it for me puh-lease!}

Ugh....don't know how these girls sign up for this
stuff....but thanks, cuz I looked forward to you all week!


Beth said...

I cannot stand Michelle....ugh, she is so self centered it's disgusting! I'm glad they made her out to be a complete idiot last night with her "it's my birthday" montage. Looks can only take you so far girl.
I am in complete agreement with the eat a cracker comment, her legs looked like toothpicks, literally!

Anonymous said...

You always make me giggle :) I know where you can get the monogrammed necklace she's wearing here ;)

hilary b said...

I am SO happy he kicked off Melissa. However, I'm still on the fence about the whole season. Brad was horrible the first time around and I just don't get why they brought him back! If they can source a dozen+ good looking guys for the bachelorette, why do they have such a hard time finding attractive guys to play the lead role? I would have preferred them to bring back any of the top 4 from Ali's season then to reuse Boring Brad. But, I'll probably keep watching since I need the girl drama. That part is too good to pass up.


Tamara Nicole said...

I am so addicted to this show:-) Michelle is just staright up crazy! No joke, but he likes ot look at her. We shall see what happens!

Nycia @ Inspired Events said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the update! I missed the show this week, and forgot to set the DVR.:(