Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Momma

{Image via Flickr}

Everybody's gotta Momma.
My Momma came to my house last week
to watch my kiddos while I had an appointment.

Not only did she watch my kids, but she
brought them presents and she brought ME presents.

She brought me this piece, 

I don't know what you call it, if you do..
please advise...but she knows I am trying
to decorate with lots of white and bright colors.  
Plus she brought me my favorite brand of candle with a clean scent
to cozy it up around here.

Lastly, she made me dinner with one of my favorite salads.

Brandon was gone to yet another sporting event, 
this time it was a hockey game.

It was such a friday night bliss event, I had to take a picture.
She made me her infamous "Crack" salad that is even featured in a 
local cookbook.  We call it "Crack" salad, because its  like just can't stop eating it.  
Why is it when someone else cooks you something 
it tastes better?

Have you ever noticed that?

Do you guys have a salad you crave?


The Shanner of Attention said...

What's in the crack salad? Please share!

mary timmers said...

Thanks, baby girl! I love doing all that stuff!

Anonymous said...

yes, please share the salad recipe! i have two favorite salads i crave: one that has artichokes, candied pecans or walnuts and craisins with a raspberry vinigarette and the other has pears and goat cheese with pecans. mmmmmm

Tember said...

Oh sweet! I love all of it and while I'm not a salad fan, I do LOVE your fam's "crack" salad!

Beka said...

crack salad recipe please!!


I crave Mary's Crack Salad!!!
I also have made this salad too and everyone asks what kind of salad is this. The answer is a secret. Then they say, "HUH WHY"? I say have your self some and then I will tell them why as they are going back for more...
The Cartmill Family is loved by many... Thanks for spoiling them Mary since I can only do it when I am in MN....
Love your new peice.. Not sure what it is either...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe, doll. Can't wait to get my crack on :) Hey, I've awarded you my versatile blogger award. Check it out at and pass it on. Happy Friday ~dawn