Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bachelor 2011-Review

Did you watch the freak show otherwise known as 
The Bachelor of 2011?

I did, because remember it's winter and what else is there to do!
So, I know nothing about this guy because I have never watched a 
full season of the the bachelor or bachelorette.
Let me tell you, this stuff is brilliant!
First of all, weigh in for me and tell me if you think
he is cute...I do, but don't like the beard and need to see a 
little more personality and a little less begging for a new 
beginning.  Enough already?  He's human and made some mistakes..
who are these girls that are giving him a hard time?  Like he hurt them!

Nut Job #1

The "Fangs" girl...for those of you who missed it,
she really has fangs and when asked about them
she totally avoids the question and goes OUT of her
way to act mysterious....this girl has the weirdest creap factor
and I am beyond annoyed that he kept her.  I have one word for ABC, 

Keltie-the rockette, who never stops kicking and dancing.
She's super annoying, but I liked her hair and dress, so much better
than some of the prom dresses other gals were wearing.
This girl will bring in the ratings too!

I can't remember if this is the girl who got the first impression rose or not, but
from the looks of what is to come she is gonna be the girl that will
annoy all of the girls.  What'ja think of her dance video of herself in
the beginning of the show?  Seriously, these girls make it kind of embarrassing to be a girl.

Okay enough negative....here are my picks.

Emily, the southern belle, is sweet and gorgeous and he
is already smitten with her.  I predict she will make it to the top 3 at least,
but have a hard time opening up....ugh, this stuff is soooo obvious!

My other top pick is Michelle from Utah...she is beyond gorg, loved
her dress which was much more "awards" wear rather than "prom" wear.
BUT, she might be a little dark.....as in, gonna be a girl that will 

If you didn't watch, start watching...tape it if you have to.  
He already got rid of a third of them, you didn't miss much.
Who is your pick?


wright said...

I've never watched these shows before either- ok, maybe once in college, but not since. Anyway, I don't know that I will have time to start now, but I am kind of anxious to see how close your predictions are and will have fun reading your interpretation of it all.

Sophia Makes Three said...

I made Dan sit through this last night - he was shockingly cooperative. So, I like Emily as well, and Ashley who got the first impression rose. She's super cute and a nanny, so obviously I love her. The girl with fangs is an actress trying to promote herself. Apparently that came out recently (thank you KS95 Hollywood News!)

Beka said...

I do love watching all the crazy drama on the Bachelor every season! If you want to get all the spoilers and ruin the season for yourself (which I always do!) you can go to realitysteve.com and he has it broken down episode by episode down to the final choice! And I totally agree with your top 2 choices - Emily and Michelle seem great!

Chasing Davies said...

I agree with your picks! Emily and Michelle are my top two! And yes, that is the girl that got the first impression rose... lame!!!!

You should ck out my blog b/c my friend Lisa M. is on it and I'm blogging & tweetings with the help of some fun tidbits from her.


Tania-Dreams2011 said...

All my friends were talking about it. I gotta watch!