Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do you take your kids to weddings?

My cousin got married this past weekend.
It was a beautiful wedding, but I have no pictures to prove it.
Mainly because I was chasing my three year old around the back
of the church.
I learned that right now, I am at the stage of not getting a chance to enjoy
certain life events if I have my kids in tow.
I didn't get to catch up with my relatives, or meet anyone new,
I was chasing, reprimanding, and wiping faces.

At one point, I had to pull out our camera...
mainly for entertainment while we were waiting for our food.
This was a nice resturaunt, when I saw table cloths and 
these water glasses, I got a bit nervous.
Overall my 18 month old was better 
behaved than his sister.

I will say, it went better than expected.
They didn't kick us out.  No big spills, and minimal dirty looks. husband being lovey-dovey!

Here is my adorable niece, Grace!
Isn't she cute?  I cut her hair last week....remember, I do hair.

My sister-in-law Kristine and I, haven't had a picture together for years.

She was/still is a good friend of mine, that my brother always crushed on.
Somehow, he got her to marry him.

This pic was taken in preparation for the previous pic...

{A girl's gotta have her lips, right?}

And here is their adorable family....

Overall, a great occasion, good food, and good company!



I love the pictures of my family in MN...
What more can I say but "NICE"!!!!

Juliet Mock said...

I can relate to the chaos...check out my blog when we took Julia to a wedding in September:

Annie said...

We went to a wedding last night with NO kids. It was so much fun!! We drank and danced with no obligations. It was perfect! We did have the option to bring them and my sister in laws both brought their kids. I think they left by 7 pm.....right when the party was REALLY starting. :) I think that their are definitely weddings that I would take my kids to but they didn't really know this couple.