Friday, July 16, 2010

You Didn't KNOW I do Hair? Gosh...

Yeah, I'm a Mom, I'm a Wife, a Famous Blogger, and now, 
I do kid's hair.
Just call me Oribe, Chris McMillan, Vidal Sassoon, 
or whomever is the best in the biz right now.

Turner (15 mos.) had a mullet, that needed to go.
His hair liked to hang out over his ears, in a bad, non-cute, baby- fine kinda way.
Ummm...we wanna keep it classy in this family.

Wanna see me in action?
{check out the rough ballerina in the back, nice Tates}

Give the boy a freezy pop and we are good to go!
I asked Branmuffin to just stand in front of him,
entertain him, keep his mind off of what I am doing...
let's just say, Branmuffin grew tired of entertaining before 
Turner knew his mullet was gone.

Seriously, it was a breeze, and as long as he will allow it....I will 
expand my repertoire to hairdresser for the young.

And the after pics where harder to get than a perfect cut, but here goes...

And now he is gonna become a clean-cut tennis pro, 
if his Daddy has anything to do with it.

You can just call my people to see if I can fit your kid in...
my salon is busy,  but I'll try to fit you in if I can.


mary timmers said...

What a handsome boy!!


Turner you look so grown up with your new hair cut. Sometimes you may want to watch out for those Mom Salons. Brandon had an appointment with his mom and she made him cry. I can't remember but maybe it was when I cut his mullet off in the 80's. :)