Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Be Thankful}

Thanksgiving is not far away.

I know, I know, crazy... but it's true.

And, this Bead-A-Full Thursday will give you some ideas
of who/what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for my comfy pants, the Bravo channel, 
and all of the Diet Coke that is produced across the world. 

I am thankful that when my son puked on me today, 
I had a nice shower to clean up in and a husband that cleaned it off of our carpet....
cuz, I get a gag-reaction from smells like no other!

Seriously, I am thankful for friends and family 
and here are some beads to inspire you and your bracelet building.

This is the last chance to comment and win ......
the blue, heart, bling, bead!
Leave a comment today and I will add it to the last two Thursday's comments.
I will pick a winner this Friday!
All you need to do is comment on what you are most thankful for, big or small!
I gave you some ideas already!
Comment to win and check back on Friday!
Toodles my lovelies!

{The winner will be via a vlog on Friday unless this puking continues around here!}


lhoffman said...

Oh- poor Turner. Hope it's nothing major- and there's nothing worse as a parent than watching your children be sick :(. And speaking of all those things you're grateful for, it is often the simple and smallest things in life that make such a difference. While I LOVED our 'real' fireplace, I'm grateful for my gas fireplace that I can start at the push of a button when I wake up in the morning and want to take the edge off the morning chill... My group of close friends that have helped me through the joys and sometimes near-loss of sanity of motherhood and are priceless treasures in my life... My twins being able to start telling me what they want so I don't always have to guess....three healthy children and 6 fabulous years married to the love of my life. Life is good!

lhoffman said...

Oh- and of course, that my parents are still with me. I have friends who have lost parents, and I'm still incredibly blessed... my mother and I speak daily, sometimes more often. They're our sole source of 'childcare' when my husband and I sparingly sneak off for a few days and are incredible grandparents. My parents were 'parents' while growing up, and friends now that I'm grown... and I love them dearly.

SM Anderson said...

I am thankful for my wonderful husband and 2 boys that I have been blessed with. I am thankful for my best friend and sister Staci. I am thankful for friends who are there for me when I am in need. I am thankful for fun blog sites like yours Suzanne. Thanks!

Misty said... that a no on giving up Diet Coke? Seriously, my list of thank-you's is long. I would be the girl who would get the "exit music" played on an awards show because I would have so many people to thank (and would continue babbling just to get them all in). First and foremost, I am thankful for my Creator. He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I am thankful for the family He has given to me to care for (man I hate ending sentences in prepositions). I am also thankful for Diet Coke, although we no longer keep it in our house. I have to stop...or I will be tearing up at my computer thinking about how blessed I am.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for all of my family and friends, COME ON TATER TOT PICK AUNTIE so she can finally start her bracelet!


*Family (My children, grandbabies, sisterniece)
*My youngest son Kellon who is such a blessing in my life right now. He keeps me focused on my faith and he makes me smile even though he is being a typical male teenager.
My list could be longer but I am so thankful for life and those who share it with me.
Turner Gi Gi love you and I am hoping you are feeling better and that no one else in the house get sick....
Suzanne I do not deal with children who puke either.... Brandon dad use to be the one who did the puke duty at our house.

nealy said...

Hi babe..I just love your blog. It always makes me laught. :) I'm thankful for fall weather. :)

Tember said...

Oh, I could just say ditto to what everyone else has said! I LOVE the fall weather, enjoying my 3 healthy children, grateful for frozen pizzas when I'm too tired to cook and celebrating with immense thanksgiving 10 amazing years with the man of my dreams. To top it all off, amazing friends like YOU to bring joy, laughter, and sanity to my life. XOXO

wright said...

I am thankful for MOPS (how I first met you) and our church and all the great women there!