Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The "Bedroom TV" debate...

 The current debate in our house is this:

I want a TV in our bedroom.

My Mom would tell me not to get one, 
because it eliminates romance and spontaneity.

But, Mom...2 kids under the age of three does that.

I want a TV in our bedroom.

Brandon is SO into sports....which means he is always occupying one....
and I can't stand the sound of announcers and their boring sports facts.  

Plus, its getting colder outside.
I dream of washing my face, putting on my comfies, 
and just cuddling under the covers....even if it's by myself.

I want a TV in our bedroom.

Brandon is not convinced we need it, and we don't need it.
We have an old one, down in our basement.
You know the kind......a flat screen from back when they first came out
that weighs 500 pounds.
He doesn't want to move it up two flights of stairs.
I don't blame him, I don't want to move it either.
But....I have men {two brothers & a strong father} that could help move it.

I want a TV in our bedroom.

I gotta start using my womanly wiles....


I want a TV in the bedroom.

{Leave comments that support my side of this debate... Branmuffin reads this, and maybe your womanly wiles will help influence my womanly wiles.....okay, I will be forever in debt.  No, I can't send each one of you free jewelry.}


Annie said...

We do not have a tv in our bedroom. I like it because I read more than if the tv was in there. It was my husband who wanted to try to not have one when we moved into the house. I fought the idea at first but now I like it and can't remember what it was like with one in the room.
Annie Torrini

JC's Loft said...

I have a tv in my bedroom and love it! Listen to it while I'm getting ready...let the little ones watch cartoons while I'm getting ready...snuggle up to watch movies when we don't want to watch it in the living room...flip it on to see school closings in the winter so I don't have to run out to the living room...I support you, haha!

Hakan said...

the vintage photo so nice :) I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks for these

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweets ~ why wouldn't Branmuffin want his lady already in bed where he only has to push the power button off to have your full attention? *wink, wink*

julie @ shorts and longs said...

Ok, I'm a single mom - so I won't try to offer much sway on how this will impact your love life. BUT I will say that I love the TV in my bedroom - for exactly the scenario you describe.

It can always be turned off at a moment's notice, right? Banned when you're both in the room? Hmmm...

I might start calling those strong men if I were you.

Molly said...

I can't agree more. I was always against it, but lately, I've been going to bed much earlier than the hubs. He stays up and watches tv and I don't want to fall asleep on the couch. I think it we had one, we would both go up to bed and hang out a bit longer.

Haha, we have a 500 lb "flat screen" in our basement, too.