Friday, October 22, 2010

Baubles & Babies

Here are some pics from my site...
you can find them under the Silverado tab, 
labeled Custom Creations.  

There are a few, but today I want to focus on the baby combos.
Cuz almost everyone I know has babies, is prego, wants a baby someday, 
or has more kids than I could ever stomach!

2 Boys & A Girl

My Three Girls

My Three Sons

They give you an idea of a Mommy bracelet you could start 
based on what sex of kids you have.

I have to admit, I told Branmuffin last week that I wanted another baby,
it's impossible cuz he is already fixed, 
and when it comes down to it....I suck at pregnancy.

But, there are babies everywhere...and I wanna hold em', smooch on em', and
nuzzle them like crazy!  I love their smells, their sounds, their weight in my arms!

I already have an idea for new baby names:

Boy name idea: Smith
Girl name idea: Henley
Go ahead, steal them, I won't be mad, I will be honored, cuz I am done :(

So, I am gonna do something crazy....
send me a comment on a good baby name, or a crazy birth story,
or brag to me about how many kids you have birthed naturally, 
tell me the cutest name you ever heard or the weight of the biggest child birthed through your loins,
even if you don't have a baby yet, but want to announce a pregnancy or
the cutest name ever... 
......any comment about babies is an entry.
I will warn you, this will not be fair...I will pick the best comment and you will win this:

 The double hearts, silver bead.
Go ahead, forward this to your friends...cuz everyone has a story,
and now you have a forum to brag on...cuz believe me,
women love to brag about what they did at birth.

I will pick a winner early next week!


molly bruner said...

So, I think you'll like my story and feel so sad for me that you'll pick me as the winner! It's long, so I'll try to sum it up:
1. I had gestational diabetes, kidney stones, preeclampsia, nausea for 9 months, had stints put in to help pass the kidney stones and was hospitalized 4 times during the pregnancy
2. I was in the hospital for over a week trying to give birth. 2 days on observation, 1 day of medication to get things rolling, 2 days of progesterone, 2 days of recovery.
3. I pushed for over 8 hours.
4. I almost had a vaginal C-section (ladies don't ask)
5. I survived!
6. I worked hard for this double heart silver bead!

MikeB said...

I have FOUR boys. Enough said with that, haha, but we are in the middle of being licensed for foster care for MORE. Crazy I tell ya! However I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Anny

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Suzanne!
Popped over to
see what's going
on and feel
compelled to share...
Tried almost FIVE
years for child #1
and 18 mos. for
child #2. Had to
go through procedures
to have both. LOVED
being preggers! That
part was a cake walk.
I've been blessed and
so happy to be a mom!
Mine are 12 and 15, now....
It goes by way too fast.
Thanks for the chance to
win this lovely heart!
xx Suzanne

Amy said...

I think I can't even compete with Molly....but after 22 hours of being in labor, my 8lb 6oz baby girl was born via c-section...which set the precedence for the next 3. I actually told Dale last night I could have #5...I was physically ready and I had seen so many little newborn angels this week, that I was craving to be pregnant, birth yet another sweetie pie and nurse/hold another baby. Dale is fixed also, so impossible. But my maternal instincts were screaming out!!!!! I will have to get my fix from others ;)

Kim said...

My baby Jonah was born at 11:30am Sunday, October 21st 2007. By 3pm, we were in our room with pizza and beer watching the Vikings kick-off!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think I deserve the Double heart for both the Miracles I have brought into this world.
The first lil guy I had was a whooping 9lbs 12 oz and it took me 53 hours in labor to do it and a total of 3 hours of pushing ask Branmuffin he was there with me watching his first Nephew Erik Lyle be born on 01/06/01 it was not an easy pregnancy towards the end I developed preclamsia with high blood pressure and the swelling when at 38 weeks my Dr scheduled me for an induction but Erik decided no way Ill put my mom into labor on my own is what happened the next morning before I was induced I went into labor.

Anonymous said...

Sorry its going to take 2 comments!!

The 2nd little man well I thought my 1st pregnancy was bad it did not compare to my pregnancy with lil Mr Aiden Scott who by the way the first 27 weeks of pregnancy was Teagan Lorraine. So I was 26 weeks pregnant Beau was at work and I decided to put Teagans crib changing table swing stroller bouncy chair together and get her room all decorated we had everything she would need and there was pink everywhere! I got everything finshed and her room was beautiful about 8pm I started to feel not so good so I called my Dr he told me to come into the hospital which I just though oh Randi you are overreacting. So Beau takes me to memorial and they check me in and rush me up to Labor and Delivery into a observation room. Im hooked up to the machine that measures contractions and a nurse walks in and says we have to check you so she checks me and comes out of her mouth " CALL HER DR SHE IS 7CM dialted and I feel the babys hand" I break down into shock here Iam 26 weeks pregnant and I know from watching all the baby shows on TLC that a babys survival rate is only about 25% when they are that premature I will never forget that moment when Beau and I looked at eachother and I said to Beau were loosing Teagan. So The nurse's take me into a delivery room hook up the IV's get the steroids into my body for the babys lungs start me on Magnisum sulfate to stop my contractions that were about every 2 to 3 mins. My mom sister and beaus mom and sister showed up and were there for us and watched it all go down. They were able to get my contractions to stop. At 27 weeks my Dr came into do an ultrasound to make sure the baby had turned and while he was doing it I asked him She is head down now right and he says to me "You mean HE is head down" I said what no no no you said at my 21 week ultrasound we were having a girl! She has a name we have all her clothes everything she needs than he proceded to show me My little mans package and from than on out we had Aiden Scott!! I laid in that hospoital bed on my left side for 3 weeks until I finally went home still dialated to a 7 my membrains in tact and laid in bed until 32 weeks when at 4am March 29 I woke up to my water breaking. I again freaked out because even at 32 weeks the baby is not ready and survival rates are still not over 80% keep in mind for the last 3 weeks I was having my mom beaus mom beau taking everything for Teagan back and getting things for Aiden I was Ebay shopping on my phone in bed and stressed to the max because I didnt want my little man coming home in a pink dress! By a miracle we got it all done :)So back to labor I arrived at the hospital around 5am was put into the same room where all the hell happened earlier in my pregnancy and 11 hours later 30 mins of pushing later my 5 pound 18 inch Aiden Scott arrived. I got to only hold him for 2 or 3 minutes and than he was taken to NICU where he stayed for the first 3 weeks of his life. I didnt get to meet him officially until around 11pm that night and than got to only see him every 2 hours for 10 to 15 mins. I commend any and every mom who has ever had a baby in the NICU it is the hardest thing to do I didnt get to bond with Aiden completley until I brought him home and maybe it was just that hospital that was like that. So long long story short I now have an almost 10 year old beautiful boy and a 2 year old miracle that I would not change for the world and thank god for everydayBy the way Teagan Lorraine is still the name we will use for our little girl one day!

Anonymous said...
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wright said...

Wow- I for sure can't compete with those(nor am I really trying), I just wanted to say that when this baby (#2 for me) comes out in late Dec/early Jan, you are more than welcome Suzanne to babysit and get your baby fix :)
BTW, I did have Anna naturally 2 weeks early and was only in labor 3 1/2 hours!

Juliet Mock said...

Don't know how to beat the first post! Here goes: Had to give myself blood thinning injections twice daily for the whole pregnancy. At 33 weeks gestation they found an extremely rare condition in Julia's lung (left lung). Had to revamp the birth plans and where we delivered. Only 9 hours of labor; about 3 pushes, but Julia spent 7 weeks in the NICU, had lung surgery and I got a blood clot in my leg the day after her surgery. Now on blood thinning medications for life. Had severe postpardum depression because of it all, but she is a miracle and defied some huge odds!

Cute names: for a girl: Marina, Mariana
Boys: Mason, Donovan, Charlie

Jen said...

I'm not even gonna post a comment now after I read Molly's. She wins. Hands down.

Tember said...

Uffda, these babies are hard on us! I have 3 beautiful children and I LOVE the two boys, one girl bracelet! I puked for 35 weeks with each of my 3 pregnancies. Required IV fluids for about 12 weeks (each preg) and even IV nutrition with one. I will not be doing this again but must say that I loved the feel of the little ones inside me and found labor rewarding (of course it did mean I was finally going to feel well for the first time in 9 months). Suz, Clairey would love some smoochin' soon- she's at such a great age!

Beth said...

If these are supposed to be horror stories, I won't be winning a bead. But for those of you who read Suzanne's comments today and don't have children yet, I promise you pregnancy and birth can be a wonderful experience too. We have 3 precious little girl's under the age of 3 1/2. I loved being pregnant, there are always little things to complain about, but every sacrifice was worth it! People look at me like I am crazy for having 3 so little, but I am a big believer that God never gives you more than you can handle. I think the birth of a child is the most miraculous event I have ever witnessed. And I would do it again and again. There is nothing quite like the special bonding time spent nursing your child, that tiny hand resting on your chest while she gazes up at you. I think that is what I miss the most as they grow. Even as the grow up, not a single night passes that I don't peek in their room while they are asleep and give them one last kiss before I head off to bed.

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I have horror stories from 32, 31, 28 (No Horrow Story) 27 (No Horror Story) 16 (No Horror Story). I will tell you about Suzanne's Branmuffin 32 years ago with Branmuffin.... Two weeks over due, Water broke, no contractions, induced labor, dilated to a 4 neither he nor I could handle the contraction. Oh yea I went de-dilated to a 2. Navy Doctors had me wait until the A.M. for a C/Section. Developed a temperature.. Not Good!! Brandon was born with an infection from my water breaking and having to wait. Both of us were very sick and as I look back on how sick we both were we are lucky by the Grace of God we both survived.
I was so sick I did not go to ICU until he was 48 hours old. We both had a 7 day hospital stay.
Oh the best part of this child birth was I pooped the bed and did not even care. Brandon's dad teased me about it for years. If this is TMI after 5 C/Section with babies weighing from 8lbs. 10 oz. - 11 lbs 1 oz. 21' - 22.5" long I feel that my tummy is a map of memories. With all the stretch marks and icky stretched out skin are the memories from each and every one of my children who are all gifts of God...