Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Packin'

I was out again last night...two nights in a row, must be a record.

I was at Feed My Starving Children...this is the coolest place!
You go and pack food for children all over the world, 
so that they don't go hungry.
It's super easy and fun to do, I did it with our Mops group, and
anyone can go do it!

I gave up 2 hours of my time, 
which probably would have been unproductive at home relaxing, 
with 90 other volunteers and this is what we accomplished....

We packed 56 boxes,
which equals 12096 meals, 
that will feed 33 children for a whole year!

We learned our food is being sent to kids in the Philippines.

So, if you ever feel like you need to give back, 
or do something fun with friends, 
or that you don't have enough in this world.
go volunteer at FMSC!

Because giving with a happy heart is truly better than anything
of material in this world.

Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor.  Proverbs 22:9



Your volunteer time "WARMS MY HEART"

lhoffman said...

So great, Suzanne! Would love to join you next time or do something similar.