Monday, October 11, 2010

Pick-A-Winner...more like, Puke-A-Winner

We have a winner folks!
Let me warn you this is the lamest Pick-A-Winner video ever.
Tatum looks all pasty and wonkey, I have the most monotonous tone of voice, 
there is no sparkle's the doldrums, people.

Cuz, this was the biggest puke house of the century for the last 4 days.
Hence, the video was late, the house was a mess, and the laundry was
piled 4 feet high.  These fingers haven't touched this keyboard for days.

I could go into details of the puking, but I have already been told by people,
"Stop, I really don't want to hear any are making me nauseous."
So, I am gonna keep it to a minimum, but if you like a good puke story,
let me know, I've got some good puke stories.

Enough about that, {unless you tell me you are interested,cuz I wanna tell so bad},
check out this video!

Sorry again for the lame video...
contact me with the details of how you want me to get you your bead!



Gi Gi is so proud of you Tatum that you puked in the toilet..... I heard your daddy was a big helper while his Princess and Queen were sick.
Congrats to the winner, I can tell you that the bead is beautiful....
P.S. The video was amazing as always....


Oh My Gosh
I feel like the only stalker you have.....

Tember said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you've had a sick house, nothing worse! I hope everyone is on the mend and will be praying you all recover quickly. The video wouldn't load for me, for some reason, so I'm still curious about who one! XOXO