Friday, October 29, 2010

Get me a straight jacket-I'm crazy!

I still have my fingers crossed about "the house",
they have been crossed so long it's beginning to hurt.
I also don't sleep well at night,
cuz I am deciding where I would put my furniture.
A little background you may not have known;
we have been renting for 3 years.  Why? you ask?
Because, when I got knocked up with Tatum we were living in Las Vegas, NV
and our house took forevs to know,
one of the top places the real estate market tanked.

We decided we wanted to be sure about the next place we bought
and wait for the perfect house at the right time.
We think that time and that house is here!

But someone needs to put me in a padded room.
Branmuffin will probably be the first in line.
I have decided to sell TONS of our stuff on Craig's List
and have started my mission of finding the perfect replacements.

Yesterday alone I sold:
Our kitchen table and 4 chairs
My office Desk
A full length, black, ornate mirror
Coffee Table
and a Pizza Baking Stone from Williams Sonoma we never used.

My house was a revolving door, and when Brandon came home,
he was all, "You sold this?  You sold that?"
And that's when I had to sit him down, hold his beautiful hands in mine and explain,
I will be in a transformation mode when it comes to our new house.
That most women don't buy a new house and just sit on the couch,
they make their house a home,
a really CUTE home, with lots of pillows, color, and 
it can almost be NOTHING like what we have been living in.

He just nodded a lot, and kept his mouth shut.
I love that man!

So, I have been looking at curtains, grommet curtains, any suggestions?
I have been looking for a new desk and chair,
may just go easy from Ikea:

Basically, I make out with home decor magazines,
scan the internet, get a rush from selling on Craig's List, and
can't wait to get a can of spray paint in my hands...
I've got ideas swirling!

By the way, I can almost promise you my DIY chair will be done in the next week or so,
pictures will be posted fo' shizzle!

Till then' oh, and pass on any good curtain ideas!
{Snap! I just listed 4 more things on Craig's List!}


lhoffman said...

Girl, you just crack me up. I know I always love reading your blog (It's the first thing I do when I log onto an electronic device of any kind (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro)- and you have such a gift for writing- I find myself breaking out laughing when I least expect it- I just love your honesty and your perspective on things! And more than anything I'm so incredibly blessed to know you in person (folks, she's even more extraordinary than you might imagine) and call you a dear, close friend. You've added a spark in my life that I'll forever be grateful for. You're the best. And can't wait to see your DIY pics! Hugs!

lhoffman said...

P.S. Just a word of advice- which you may or may not need. You have had kids for awhile- when we bought our house and made lots of purchases, I wasn't as mindful of this. We both have kids. Young kids. We bought furniture we LOVED- it fit our style, which it should. However, it's not very practical for the ages of our kids. A beautiful dining room table (our staple) with inserted slate tiles, black metal-like edging and chairs, which have CLOTH seats. It's fabulous. But oh-so-impractical with kids. Food and crumbs in between the tiles- spills on the cloth. Ugh. I usually have it covered with a vinyl tablecloth which after a while starts to look cheap and a little WT, and you don't even see it. I dream at night of having a wooden table and chairs. Wipeable. Durable. Anyhoo, just a thought.


"OH MY" Hang on to your hat Brandon!! You may come home from work one day and be sitting on milk crates or your lawn chair that you use for your neighborhood gathering in the cul-de-sac.
I am very excited for my son and his wife and children to have a home that they can call "Their Home" so Suzanne can do all the creative touches she has floating around in her beautiful head of hers. I am so excited for this new venture in their lives... With out have to go see Suzannne in her padded room during visiting hours...
Have a great weekend friends...

Summer said...

Soooo excited for you guys! We just moved into our dream home, all 1200 square feet of it (ha!), and I am dying to get it just so. On a way crazay budget.


On another note, sorry I haven't been around these parts....things will be slowing down and I will get back to life again!!!

Tember said...

I love that you have so many ideas! You'll have so much fun decorating YOUR house and making it a home! I agree w/lhoffman, don't buy anything you can't handle having "trashed" a bit. We bought some great couches for our living room upstairs and, well, let's just say we should've waited about 5 more years (because the drool, food and spit-up stains ARE NOT part of the fabric.) :)