Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first SPORTS??? Interview!!!

Brandon and I had the opportunity to attend a taping of a local sports show.....
perfect for him, cuz it's sports....
perfect for me, cuz I can promote Must Have Moxie and meet celebs!
I get to do this,
because I am all connected with the people at !!!
And...I need to get out of the house.

Anyhoo, I went solo....Branmuffin missed out....
he's been sick with a queasy stomach and dry heaves....poor baby.

You all know I don't know sports, but tonite I just pretended I did.
I got a pic with all the "sports people" who showed up for the taping,
but deep down, I was pretending I was the famous one.

For example, here I am with Erin Henderson of the Vikings
...he is special teams and his brother,
E J Henderson plays for the Vikings as well.

Just so ya' know...when I met him, I told him I was his most fashionable fan.
Dumb, right?  What was I supposed to say? 
Everyone there had a Viking jersey on but me!
I wanted to make an impact on him, 
wanted to stand out from the other fans, 
I think I flopped.  
But, just so ya' know...he smelled good, 
like a nice, clean, deodorant. I am thinking "Swagger" from Old Spice.

People...this is the stuff I care about when it comes to sports or anyone famous.
I wanna know if you are married, if you have kids, what you smell like, and where you shop!
I don't care about the stats, or how many yards you got, etc.

I told Brandon, that whomever I met, I was gonna interview them
for So Stinkin' Cute and ask the hard questions I was the biggest blogger they'd ever met.

I was gonna offer beauty suggestions or makeover tips,
or find out if they had an beauty rituals
they performed before each game...a favorite hairgel?
a certain, must-have shaving cream?

Here I am with Greg Coleman...sideline announcer for KFAN,
and a former Viking.  Isn't he dapper?
I told him I liked the kerchief in his pocket...he smirked.

Then, I met Rod Simons...he is the one with the tv show....'s called "Game On" and it will air on FOX before the game this Sunday at 10:30 AM.
When I met him, I told him I wanted him
to make me famous, well, my company at least.
He said he would try,
so I will keep you guys posted if I get featured on his show.
FYI...he screamed "Moxie" from the bar
when I was on the way to the bathroom...
call me whatever you want,
just make me and my company famous.


Luv, Moxie~!

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Sad night for Brandon, but there is always a next time for him.
Love the post!!!! You look very beautiful as always and on your way to be the famous one with Must Have Moxie.....
Keep up the hard work broadcasting Must Have Moxie with the Vikings...