Monday, October 25, 2010

Freak followers RULE!

{Sandra, my favorite Momma.}

Well, faithful, blog followers.
I sure got to know about you, and your loins, and that you all like to spill the beans on what you have been through physically.  Gosh, don't skimp on the gory details {insert sarcasm}.

For those of you who need an update...I asked people to give me some details on your birth stories, a forum for you to do some talkin' and sharing with the Internet world.  And share you did!

I am learning that my followers like to talk and read and comment on dirty hair, big butts, and birthing children.  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, go back and read those posts, cuz according to the amount of comments I got and what stat counter says-you guys go crazy over talking about sick and twisted stuff.  That translates to me that I can go ahead and keep on being myself, you truly love me for me....and, you like to comment.  I like that you like to comment, its very entertaining, so we will be doing more of this in the future.

Onto the contest.  I had to re post some of these comments, cuz I was rolling around, laughing on my office floor as I read them.  Comments {condensed} will be in blue, my commentary will be in red.

... Two weeks over due, Water broke, no contractions, induced labor, dilated to a 4 neither he nor I could handle the contraction. Oh yea I went DE-dilated to a 2. Navy Doctors had me wait until the A.M. for a C/Section. Developed a temperature..Brandon was born with an infection from my water breaking and having to wait. I was so sick I did not go to ICU until he was 48 hours old. We both had a 7 day hospital stay. Oh the best part of this child birth was I pooped the bed and did not even care. Brandon's dad teased me about it for years. Betty-you admitted to pooping the bed, nuff' said.
Tember said...
Uffda, these babies are hard on us! I puked for 35 weeks with each of my 3 pregnancies. Required IV fluids for about 12 weeks (each preg) and even IV nutrition with one. I will not be doing this again but must say that I loved the feel of the little ones inside me and found labor rewarding (of course it did mean I was finally going to feel well for the first time in 9 months). Tember-You used the word Uffda out loud! I hated the feeling of babies inside me, the fact that you signed up for a third knowing your previous pregnancies forced IV fluids means you deserve a better award than I have in my jewelry case.
molly bruner said...
1. I had gestational diabetes, kidney stones, pre-clampsia, nausea for 9 months, had stints put in to help pass the kidney stones and was hospitalized 4 times during the pregnancy 2. I was in the hospital for over a week trying to give birth. 2 days on observation, 1 day of medication to get things rolling, 2 days of progesterone, 2 days of recovery. 3. I pushed for over 8 hours. 4. I almost had a vaginal C-section (ladies don't ask) Molly-you had the winning prize at "vaginal c-section", I did not know that existed, and every time I think of that, I shudder.
Randi said...
Randi said...
Sorry its going to take 2 comments!!
 Randi-you wrote a NOVEL on my blog, I cannot include your entire comment, but because you took the time to write a novel, you get a runner-up prize. So, A+ and a gold star for your writing abilities, you won me over.

Molly-you won the double heart bead:
 Randi- you won the hope and peace bead:

  For all of you that didn't win this time around, sorry, but THANK YOU!  I loved the comments and so did the other followers.  I will give this another go twas' fun right?

And just so you know, I follow tons of blogs and won a prize myself last week!
I entered with a simple comment on Privet and Holly and won a $60 gift card to great resource for home decor!  So thanks, Suzanne {author of Privet and Holly, great name huh?} I can't wait to shop for some cool stuff!  Go check out her blog, it's simply adorable.

Toodles, freaks.

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Congrats to Molly and Randi!!!
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