Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sports ARE a lot of fun?!?!

I haven't been consistent here have I? 
But when you are selling your belongings on Craigslist,
looking for window treatments, 
and crossing your fingers on a new house, the blog starts to come last.

Not today folks, I am getting used to schmoozing with sports fans and athletes.
Last night, we hit it again for the "Game On" show taping.

I met none other than.....

Glen Perkins, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins!
and his ADORABLE wife, so we hooked her up with some

Must Have Moxie swag and thanked her for coming, 
oh- and sharing her hubby with the world.

I also got the chance to meet Ryan Longwell, placekicker for the Minnesota Vikings.

Here I am with Longwell, and Jake my supplier from Silverado.
I slapped a gift certificate in his hand and told him to have his wife call me
cuz what girl doesn't like jewelry?

BTW, both of these athletes were total sweethearts in my book!
Gold Stars all around!! So Stinkin' Cute!!

So far....I will be honest, my sports lingo has not improved, but
if I get to make the wives of these athletes happy, that's better in my book.
If you live in Minnesota, make sure you check your listings for "Game ON",
it airs every Sunday at 10:30 am!
Must Have Moxie is a sponsor and will be getting a mention.
Does that make me famous?



Temporary Tattoos to Keep Kids Safe! said...

Thanks for calling me adorable :) however I do not think I look like that in the pict! :) Come on over and read our brand new blog send your friends.. it was great to meet you the other night! :)

lhoffman said...

Alisha- you totally are! It was great to meet you both and hope you love your bracelet! Looking forward to checking out your blog and finding out more about ID Ink! As a mom with three busy kids I love the idea and can't wait to use it.

bcartmil said...

Jake looks like Ryan Longwells long lost brother? I hope someday you include me in on some of your fun. Until then I will remain a kept husband at home where I belong. :)


Poor Brandon!!! The next time I am in town I will be the GiGi/Nanny so you can go hang with your Babers...

Molly said...

you're totally famous! i adore your striped shirt!