Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Very Own Bar! - Decor Reveal Part 4

I'm still revealing....
..the beautiful condo I had the opportunity to make
even more beautiful!

You see, when you spend a lot of time in your home, my theory is, 
it needs to reflect "you" and always make you feel "at home" and cozy.

Let's admit, there are times we don't want to be cozy though...
we want to entertain, laugh with good friends, share our good fortune with others,
just connect...maybe over a glass of wine, definitely over some
good food!

My client works hard, but when she isn't working hard, 
she likes to cook for others and host little parties.
In fact, she's hosting one this week...and I'm so glad....cuz I get to go, 
and it will give her a chance to use this....

We created a vignette for the room...a bar/cocktail area.

How did you do this you ask?

First, we purchased the bar piece, then found a mirror {another one?} almost exactly the same length as the bar piece and hung it directly above.  Next, we added different sized shelves for holding glassware.

This gorg lamp ties it together and makes you want to cozy up to the bar.

The shelves are from Lowe's, I believe.
The bar piece is from Scratch n' Dent, yeah we love that place.
And the dog, just keeps moving around for pictures, doesn't he?

Mirrored tray...TJMaxx, of course...are you sick of hearing that?
Seriously, take your cute butt there and check it out for yourself!
That's an order!

And here is a shot of how the bar vignette ties with the rest of the room.

Oh, and one more angle, cuz I can't stop myself!

There is so much light to the room and all of the glass and mirrors 
create little tiny reflections all over the room.

Do you like the bar vignette?

Oh, my give away ends Thursday....head here to enter!

You could win this!

 And, I'm out!


Misty said...

LOVE the bar! We don't have room for one in our house. This gives me great ideas. Bill would flip for this!

I will get my butt to TJ Maxx soon! =]


Oh my gosh, what happened to my comment from this morning...
I am a follower of Must Have Moxie, I love to see when my friends have joined also...
So Stinkin Cute is my morning read.... Suzanne's blog makes my day and keeps me connected to my family in MN....

Amy said...

Suzanne, you sure have a gift of decorating!!