Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bethenny n' Brody

I finally got a chance to make out with my DVR this weekend.
I'm all caught up with Bethenny Getting Married.
I just loved the last episode, it made me think about wanting another baby for 
about 3.2 seconds!  She was so real and open about the lack of sleep,
and how you always feel like you just can't get behind it all
when you are sleep deprived and breast feeding.
Oh, and what about her husband jewelry shopping?  How cute was that?

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and tell you all that I think that 
Brody Jenner,my celebrity hottie crush, and Avril Lavigne 
are an odd match.
It's not that I am jealous or don't have a chance with him,
it's just he can do better, don't cha' think?

Feast your eyes ladies, feast em'.

Toodles, me, k?



I'm loving that I can read my morning paper on the weekend because Brandon is having a boys weekend. I think we need a Vegas trip for a girls weekend.

Lace said...

I haven't caught up on Bethany yet, but can't wait to ... & Brody & Avril are REALLY freakin' weird. How do you go from Kristin to Avril? Somethin' aint right!

Misha said...

Brody Jenner is The Web’s Most Wanted Brody!
(Check your score for your name too.)
More raw data is here.
Baby Names Alert.