Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Where did you get that?}

I love a good boutique.
I could plan an entire day around shopping
local boutiques...girl's gotta get some lunch right?

Don't you love it when you see a gal with a great 
bag or a cute necklace and she shares where she got it?

Silverado jewelry is mainly sold in boutiques, 
cute, out of the way, adorable shops that you can't get enough of!
And they need your help...comment with some names of local
 boutiques that you know of that would be great candidates to carry the
Silverado jewelry line, make sure you include the city/state.

Here is our next giveaway bead....

The silver palm dangle bead, a great addition to your bracelet.
Definitely reminds me of a warm weather vacation or summertime!

Here are the new give-away rules:

One entry, if you leave a comment on a boutique in your area.
Second entry, if you are a follower of this blog {just comment that you are a follower}.
{Become a follower, if you aren't already.}
Third entry, post this link on facebook promoting this blog post and comment that you did!
Fourth entry, shop 
and tell me which bead is your favorite!

The contest will close on August 26th.
This giveaway gives you a chance to have 
4 entries to win a bead worth $26.50!

Do it all in one day, just make sure you comment on this post!
Questions?  I hope I was clear....if not, email me, I can clarify!



Amy said...

I am a faithful and excited follower of you Ms. Suzanne! I regret to inform 3.5 years....I have not went to one boutique since we have moved here :(

Amy said...

FB link posted!


Favorite Bead: Snowflake from The Carmtill Family.... Everytime I see it on my wrist it reminds me of my family in MN.

Beth said...

There is a great Boutique in Duluth called Serendipity. They have jewelry and all kinds of gorgeous home decor! I wrote about their shop in my blog, here is the link!!.html

Mama Hen said...

I am a new follower from Top Mommy Blogs! I look forward to following your blog! Come visit Mama's Little Chick and Mama's Little Nestwork! Come join my new network of amazing bloggers and get your blog noticed. Have a great night!

Mama Hen


I have bought at Must Have Moxee
Had to have Brown Eye Girl for my dad.
Bling Butterfly for my mom.


Okay this is the only boutique in the little town of Ellensburg.
Flirt/West Coast Mens
I was in there today and the owner loved my Silverado Bling

nealy said...

I haven't been to too many boutiques, but I do like Hot Mama.

Jen Polman said...

Little place called "The Back Porch" in Perham MN would love Silverado!

Anonymous said...

1.The Botique in my area would be having my mom and me do a home party with your business we could sell big time!!! 2.Im also a follower of my Favorite Sister in Laws Blog.3. I posted your musthavemoxie page on facebook and invited over 300 peeps to like your page :) 4.ALL OF THE BLING BEADS!!!!!!!

~Dawn~ said...

Following you from Farmington, MN and Mama's Little Nestwork. I sure enjoy your blog.



I heart this blog... It is the way I start my day... It is my way to connect with Suzanne and her BMuffin, and Grandkiddos....

lhoffman said...

I'm thrilled to be adding to my bracelet... and with an upcoming vacation in October (destination TBD) this would be a little incentive and a "tie me over" until the day actually arrives. Love and ADORE my kids, but Mommy needs a little R&R with Daddy ;)

There are so many great boutiques in the Galleria that would be great for Silverado- here in Stillwater- just need to remember the name!!!