Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Fashion 2010

Here is my fashion review of the Emmy's.
I don't watch the show, I watch the red carpet.
Consider me your very own E entertainment, fashion correspondent.
Here goes:

Kim-you are exotic perfection and should go with this look more often,
I love you and that's not just cuz you have a big butt, but big butts rule in my book.

Eva- This dress was better on the red carpet than this photo.  But, I like it overall
especially the little train in the back and your kick booty earrings.

Julia-  Your dress was eh, but I love your accessories.  Way to go on 
adding a pop of color!

Sophia- Still up in the air on what I think about your dress, but your
curves and your hair are to die for, I will think of your hair
when I feel like chopping mine off and step away from the scissors!

Claire-  I didn't even recognize you, you should spray tan and wear
the soft makeup more often!

Lea-I am not a gleek, but I am IN LOVE with your jewelry and
the dress, navy blue... much better on the carpet than this photo as well.
A+...winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Who's your fav or dontcha'  care?


Sydney said...

I love Kim!! Her herself and her dress! Love it!!!

mary timmers said...

To be honest, we all looked like that at some point in our lives-- we just didn't know it!!

Amy said...

I saw Sophia's interview and think she is just darling. My fav color is yellow - so she gets my vote!