Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post from "The Way We Are"

I am thrilled to announce that Leah from The Way We Are
is here today guest posting.  She has great style and loves to DIY in her home!
Take a look and enjoy!

Hello you So Stinking Cute readers! I am so excited to be guest blogging today. I am so honored that Suzanne wanted me to share some of my DIY's with you all and I hope you enjoy them. I adore So Stinking Cute so much and I think Suzanne does an incredible job. Thank you sweetie!

I don't really think of myself as that great of a "do it yourselfer". I just think of myself as someone who has an incredibly close relationship with Goodwill and paint. I am constantly dropping in at the various Goodwill or Salvation Army locations by our house to make the rounds for any treasures. I think I have somewhat of a good eye for things that would look great with just a touch of TLC aka paint.

The first paint project is an amoire that I spray painted for my daughter. And yes I did spray paint it because when you paint as much as I do you start getting lazy. I love the way it turned out and am still considering whether or not to get new hardware for it.

This second project was a super quick and cheap way to add something to my bathroom wall. It only cost $1.99 and it only took a tiny bit of paint. I am not really even sure what it was originally used for but that's kinda the fun of it. It's made out of really thin plywood. Now I have a cute aloe vera plant sitting under it and it adds so much to our bathroom.

Another trick up my sleeve is my Mom. She is the best. I tell her that I am looking for something and she usually finds it. She goes to the GW (goodwill) way more than I do and I think that's the key cause stuff goes fast! I told her that I would love a cool over the top birdcage. So when she sent me a picture of this I was so excited. And then when I saw it I realized that it wasn't a birdcage it was actually a wet bar (with a wine rack beneath), I was even more excited. With a couple coats of gold paint and a little thinking outside the box it became a really cute magazine rack and entryway table.

This is another lucky score from Mom. I just mentioned one time that it would be fun to have a little table for Evelette and a couple days later she shows up with this. I have to admit I was pretty overwhelmed with how to transform this hideous mess. But that's how I usually work, I stress and stress about what to do and then a light bulb goes off and I know. The pink on pink chevron is so fun and youthful. Evelette and I have had many tea parties here already!

My favorite project that I have done, is these chairs that my Husband and I did together. They are so striking and I never tire of looking at them. Ahhhh love!

Thanks again for having me and I hope I passed on a little inspiration for you!

Go check out her blog, the pics in her home are to die for!
She had a pic of a chest she painted kelly green, 
I want to steal it!
I'm inspired to go to Goodwill
and get Branmuffin to help me paint!



Beth said...

Those chairs ARE gorgeous! I am ALL about the DIY so I will definitely be checking out her blog. Thanks for sharing Suzanne, loved todays post! BTW, the leather "button" chair next to the kids table is gorgeous, very Ballard Design!

Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...

Leah- I just love your chairs! And the art piece for the bathroom is adorable too. said...

You are the QUEEN of DIY projects!! Love everything you've done! And that armoire was a fab find :)

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

AHH, Leah, you are SUCH a great talent!

jemina said...

Oh MY!!! Leah is definitely inspirational, her DIY is swoon worthy indeed!!!


Karena said...

Okay Suzanne I am amazed!! Beyond! Where does your mother live!!? Great post....

Extra day for my giveaway!!

Art by Karena

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Leah is the diy makeover queen! She's so talented. Love these projects.

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

leah does a great job of diy projects, and she completes them so fast! i'm always amazed.

Angie said...

HA I love what you said about having a "really close relationship with Goodwill" to funny!! Oh and the chairs?!? LOVE!!!

Mande said...

Leah, your black & white chairs are fabulous!! Love them!