Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Celebs & CPS

I canceled my US Weekly subscription the week I gave birth to my daughter.  
Cuz I knew my life could no longer be about what the celebs 
were doing with their time and money.  I still check in, but I don't obsess like I used to.
  I used to have a huge crush on J Lo, another post for another time.  
Remind me, I will get to it.  
Oh, and remind me to post about Branmuffin's thoughts on me crushing on 
Brody Jenner...again, another post for another time.  

Back to celebrities and their ridiculousness {is that even a word}? 

Have you heard about this?
Oprah's No Phone Zone?  A contract people sign to not talk on their phones while driving.  
Well, good luck Oprah.  
Though I do think we should be safe and not text, etc....take a look 
at others while driving next time, who isn't on the phone?  
Oprah has a driver and just learned how to drive herself a couple of years ago
when she and Gayle drove across country.  
Oprah, I will sign your contract when you send your driver 
to my front door to help me schlep my kids around!

Next piece of ridiculousness...Prince says the Internet is dead.  
Are you kidding me?  Last time I checked, everyone does everything on the Internet. 
Do you think his people use the Internet/email when they do work for him?  

So let's do a So Stinkin' Cute challenge, 
don't use your cell phone while driving or the Internet for 2 weeks.
Let me know how that goes for you.

Sometimes I've got stuff to do and I can't be bothered by my kids.
No need to involve CPS though, they are always safe.
Look what happens when you leave a kid alone for 3 minutes with markers.

Do you think she was trying to do her best "smokey eye" look?
This is what I do when I can't be bothered.
I lock them out on the deck.




This Gi Gi is belly laughings.... Love the smokey eye look on Tatum.
My opinion on CPS in my town would be another blog too.
In Washington State if you get caught talking with your cell closer than 6"inches to your ear or texting it is a $124.00 ticket. How about those who put their make-up on like Tatum does while driving, hmmmm something to ponder.

lhoffman said...

Laughing so hard I'm crying... first the markers, then T&T outside the door (I'm still chuckling as I write this). I hear ya on the Oprah thing- I mean, I give her credit for the effort, and personally think it's mostly the texting vs. talking on the phone (heck, my kids are often more of a distraction when they screech at me to look at something obscure in this direction or that direction when we're driving down the road!) - but couldn't agree more with the dose of reality. Sure- you get me a driver, a staff to do my phone calls FOR me, and I'll lay in the back seat and relax. Sounds fabulous and stress free, doesn't it?

mary timmers said...

I think Tatum's got the look down pat!

Tember said...

Look at Tatum!! That's amazing! As for cell phone use while driving, there was just a tragic death up here that is likely related to texting while driving and now 3 kids are without their mother. Made me pay attention to how much I do that while driving and how it's just not worth it...