Friday, August 6, 2010

Potty like it's 1899

The day was supposed to be a fun family event at Canterbury Downs,
a local horse racing track.  See the bliss on my face, see my kid's faces?  Ugh.

It was in the middle of nap time, 
so bad behavior/whining was at an all time high.

Behavior details:
Constant complaining about her hand hurting.
Constant complaining about the sun being too bright.
Lost her favorite flip-flop, never to be found again.
Never-ending trips to the bathroom.

So, we go to leave cuz the trip was a bust,
I think we were there a total of 43 minutes...and she tells me she has to go potty,
for the 12th time.

We left our mark on the track grounds before we left.

Where has your kid gone potty?

Sexiest thing ever?  
When your hubby walks in the door, takes one look at your face, 
starts playing with the kids and says "Get out and go shopping!".

Nothin' sexier than that.
I love you know your way to a girl's heart!


Beth said...

Ha ha ha! Love it Suzanne! So funny! Maren loves peeing outside. I think it's a little weird, but you do what you can :) BTW, love the black & white shirt.

mary timmers said...

If you call their bluff, then it's wet pants, wet kid, wet carseat and crying all the way home. Your kid will be crying all the way home too!


Love those Lil Rascals and the BIG one too.

Jinnia Low said...

Hey there, love the little twist at the end how your hubby found his way to your heart :) Found you through Mama's Little Nestwork - now following you! Come visit me at

Have a great day!

Amy said...

Luke 1st peed outside when were in IL about a month he doesn't want to stop. He has even done #2 outside and thought nothing of it; just moved along as it fell out then wanted to continue playing!?!? Dale was outside with him and he was stunned! It was no biggie to him.

do they still have the free pony rides on Sundays at Canterbury?