Friday, August 27, 2010

Pick-A-Winner & What girls like...

Last nite, I had another trunk show for my jewelry line.
It was a great time, cuz when you host a trunk show,
it's basically a girl party
and an excuse to eat, drink, and talk girl-talk!

I finally had a Skinnygirl margarita...loved it, totally tasty, and I hear
35 calories each, so I drank the whole bottle.
Gosh, I'm kidding...I couldn't blog and 
watch two kids under age 3 today, if I did that!

So, the biggest debate at the girl party was, 
is Javier Bardem hot or not?

He plays Julie Roberts' lover {can't stand that word} in Eat, Pray, Love.
I was the ONLY girl who didn't think he is cute.
8 to 1, everyone just swooned over him.
Well, back off ladies, 
Penelope Cruz has her pretty little paws on him now,
so keep dreaming. 

I would like some comments on the 'Javier hotness' issue, 
to know where I stand, and to know my readers taste in men.
These things are important to me.


Next is a video of Tatum picking a winner for this bead:

If you want to see motherhood at its finest...
children ruining my swagger....
and who wins the bead, click on this video!

Check out MustHaveMoxie to build your own bracelet
and take a look around.
3 women bought my current Must Have, these earrings.

They will grab anyone's attention from across the room!
If you live in the Minnesota area and want to host a trunk show,
contact me at

Now, go get your weekend on!


Leah said...

Suzanne. You are right. He is NOT hot. And you used to love the word "lover"....and LOVE those earrings!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

javier bardem has a LOT of sex appeal! its not that he is super hot or extremely good looking. its more about the appeal of the roles he plays, how he acts and moves. kind of like a man that isnt that good looking but has an accent or makes you laugh a lot ... all of the sudden they go from unnoticed to super sexy.

lhoffman said...

SO cute! And adorable as they are, they could never "ruin" your swaggar... since you're oozing it ;) Love seeing the inventory- love Silverado and my bracelet! Congrats to Betty on the win of the Palm Tree ;)


Wooooowhooooo I am a winner. I am so excited to add the Palm Tree to "MY" bracelet. Tatum and Turner Gi Gi is getting very excited to see both of you soon...
And for Javier Bardem that would be a NOT vote for me. I have not seen the movie yet because I am still trying to read the book.
When I come to MN Miss Have Moxie I want to try the Skinnygirl margarita while we are having our girl time as Brandon will be having is guy time in WA...
Off to start my weekend, going to a class of "76" picnic...

Anonymous said...

O no! i think he is so hot! LOL. I know i might be far to young to think so, but i've always had an interest in older guys! ahem anyway im ur newest follower! and i can't wait to see future posts!


Beka said...

He is definitely NOT hot!

Holmfamily said...

i too agree that he is NOT hot!
as for those earrings....LOVE them! i may have to have them!

Beth said...

Oh, I wish I would have known you were having a trunk show last night! I would have totally wanted to come as we are in the Cities right now :( Oh well. Cute earrings. Javier=NOT HOT!

Misty said...

The whole time I was watching the movie I could not decide if he was sexy or hideous... He has a great accent...but that face... So goes the dilemma in my head.

PP.ORG said...

So not hot, I just have to say. HA.

Jill said...

Hello! I totally agree that he IS NOT HOT! I found your blog through Mama's Little Nestwork and I love it. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. I'm your newest follower.


Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. I just found your blog. I'm following you now.