Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Hot & Bothered}

It's Bead-A-Full Thursday, and I can't see straight cuz 
I have been looking at beads know, 
building my business, making it perfect for all of you lovelies! 

 hint hint.....MustHaveMoxie

Here is the current give-away bead!

Need to be inspired to win this bead?

It's all hot and humid and nasty in this part of the U.S. and 
most of the U.S. as a matter of fact.
I could survive this heat a lot better if I was next to a palm tree
with a cold drink...a Diet Coke, or a Bud Lite Lime maybe....!

Anything would be better than being stuck in a house
with crazy kiddos.  Thank God it's air-conditioned, cuz my next
option is pushing Branmuffin in a corner and 
forcing him to build me an infinity pool in the backyard!!

So, here is your order, my demand...

cuz this heat is making my crazy, so are my kids


SassyT said... you laugh if you knew how bad i LOVE palm trees. My whole apartment is done in palm trees. Just bought new sheets with palm trees on it, laying on my palm tree bed spread right now, looking at my palm tree wall hanger, frames, towels, shower curtain, place mats... lol just sayin'... Idk how you choose a winner but hopefully that persuades you! :-p

Sydney said...

This bead is ADORABLE! I love beach themes!