Friday, August 13, 2010

B brought his beard!

Let me start by saying I think Branmuffin {my husband} is the "stuff", pretty soccer legs, tall body, great lips for smooching...I mean, I am his wifey, his baby's mama right?

B thought it would be all cute to grow a beard last weekend.  He did it to bug me, cuz he knows I am not a fan.  I don't have a picture to prove it cuz he wouldn't let me snap one and every time I tried to get one to share with my internet freaks, we ended up on the floor wrestling the camera out of each others hands.  His beard was very R & B, you know 90's style and to add to it, he lost his sunglasses so he has been sporting Oakley razor blades, my other pet peeve. 

Yeah, so there is BMuffs in the blue, what I will call him when he is sporting a lame-o beard and Oakleys...I figured if you are gonna torture me, at least he could have pick the "Hollywoodian"  don't you think that would be more appropriate for the woman that keeps your life together?  And I am choosing the "Hollywoodian" for the name, sweets, not the beard!  Is this the payment I get for being your baby's mama, watering your tomato plants, and dressing you cool?

We went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday, he brought his beard and Oakleys, let me tell you we were hot in our mini van.  My family was all, "WAAaa?" and was snickering when he wasn't looking.

There's more....

I love a good thunderstorm!  What's great is we have we been having them lately!!  I love how it gets dark and swirly outside, and the sky turns green.  The more lightning and thunder the better, in my opinion.

Tatum can't stand thunderstorms, so she is on our laps when we are trying to watch our shows at night, or crawling in our bed at the first pop of light or crackle of thunder.  How can I enjoy a good storm with little Miss Drama on my lap?  I am emailing our local t.v. stations tomorrow to see if they need to add to their storm tracker team, cuz she knows when they are coming...I bet before the radar does!

And me? I am still scratching my mosquito bites....scratch, scratch, scratch.

Does your sweetie do things to drive you crazy?  Do you love a good thunderstorm?


Beth said...

Dave grew a mustache once to raise money for prostate cancer awareness. It was AWFUL! The worst part was, it was during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so our Christmas pictures for that year have Dave looking like a total perv. I couldn't even look at him, those were the WORST 2 months ever!


Tatum is just like her Gi GI when she was a little girl. I would find my dad's lap, sleep on my parents floor next to their bed, and hide under the blanket. I will devulge my age when this ended.. I hated thunder storms until I moved to Norfolk, VA.. Was I in for a rude awakening... No daddy's lap to climb into, could not crawl into my parents room to sleep on the floor.
The crazy thing is today I like a good thunder storm...I hope there are some good one when I come back to MN in Sept....

Beka said...

Jared grew a beard for a few months and it was the worst thing ever. Why do men think it's so cool?! He insists that other men will give you "beard respect" because somehow having a beard signifies an overproduction of testosterone...uh! That's great you have respect from other men, because no women will talk to you.

Molly said...

My husband whistles the angry bird theme music constantly. At first, i'm pretty sure he didn't realize he was doing it, but now he gets a little grin on his face when I give him the side eye.

I discovered your blog today when Leah mentioned she was guest posting. Nice to "meet" you!