Monday, August 9, 2010

NOT So Stinkin' Cute

Lame, boring, blah, possibly a waste of time.
Bravo's newest show, the Housewives of DC.

It was painful to watch, no fashion, no cattiness I even want to hear, 
nothing that makes me want to watch the next episode.
But, I will give it one more chance, that is my promise to you.
One more episode of viewing in my humble abode,
and then I will make my final decision.
Who am I kidding, I will watch it at least 2 more times.

Has anyone else noticed how HORRIBLE the mosquitoes are this year?
They are beyond bad, and I am sick of it.  I am so sick of it I joined
"I wish mosquitoes sucked fat, not blood." group on Facebook.

My arms and legs look like a 7 year old who just got home from summer camp.

I don't mean to be a negative Nellie, but this product is bad.
It sucks, it doesn't work and its a complete waste of money.

My neighbor had it out on the table this weekend 
at nite when the mosquitoes were hot and heavy, and the
next day I woke up covered in red bites.  
If you haven't seen it before, I'll explain... you don't have to use nasty bug spray,
instead you just clip it on your clothes or where you are sitting.
It's supposed to keep the mosquitoes away, but it doesn't.

I think the mosquitoes are super attracted to me for some reason,  
Branmuffin doesn't have one single bite....whatevs.
scratch, scratch, scratch


Beth said...

I was just thinking of trying those out. Thanks for saving me the money! I think it's all the humidity we've had this summer, it creates a breeding ground for those little pests! Dave never gets bites either...guess they just aren't as sweet :)

A Wedding Story said...

I watched RH DC and I thought it was kind of good. There was some drama and it's only going to get worse(YES!).

kmkirsch826 said...

I tried that product last summer and it didn't work at all!! I think the canister/candle product works a little bit, but probably isn't worth the money either. Hope the itchy scratchy bites go away quick! :-)


bcartmil said...

Suzanne had too many.... and didn’t notice that I went inside and put on a pair of pants. The funny thing is she was raving all night about how great that machine worked and how she was going to blog about its great powers. Maybe it was all the BL Limes that hid the fact that you were being bit.