Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm one of those...

The party is over.
I had fun, I was merry, a little too merry, 
but it is over.

And I am one of those people that takes down
anything resembling Christmas in my house, on December 26.
In fact, yesterday I let Brandon sleep in and 
after the kids had their breakfast,
I got to work.
My house had all of the decorations down and packed in 
their tubs by 11 am.

That's it!  Party is over.

So, this is all of the Christmas you will see from me....

Me with my sweet lil' family, after church.

My parents' 5 grandkids all under the age of 5.

And me {and my backfat, I see a New Year's resolution coming} after receiving
an awesome gift.  A mirror for my mirror wall that I am 
working on!

This year we drew names and everyone had to buy a gift for their name 
from the Good Will.  It was fun...I scored, so I am happy.


Leah said...

I'm the exact same way Suzanne! I've been resisting the urge since Christmas day. Suddenly it all becomes clutter the moment Christmas is over.

Gwen said...

Oh boy - you are a go getter, my stuff simply must be down before New Years Eve. however the white lights are so peaceful this year.

Love the Goodwill idea. Will have to tell M&M as it's one of Melissa's favorite 'hunting places for treasures'. gwen

lhoffman said...

I LOVE the Goodwill idea... can't wait to see the mirror as a part of your mirror wall when I see the house!

Annie said...

I am the same way!! I love getting my house back to normal. I am totally a no clutter kind of person!


1. Love the family pictures....
2. Miss the family in the picture.
3. Got to see the new home via Skype.
4. Captured some memories watching T & T open their gifts from their Gi Gi.
5. You got me beat on taking the Christmas decorations down and put away.
6. Love the mirror idea, excited to see the reveal of your project.
7. Branmuffins youngest brother isnow a Goodwill shopper too.. He like the crew sweaters and flannels... Who would think a 16 year old would like to shop there... He always amazes me. Nothing like his brother who was a name brand shopper... Love you Scooter...
Have a great day everyone and I was so happy to see my Blog Crack was back....

Beth said...

Beautiful picture Suzanne. Tatum is just adorable! You have now motivated me to get going on taking everything's just so depressing to me though, It's like the minute the 26th hits everyone goes back to normal and the holiday spirit is gone. sad.