Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 books & a Give Away

 Well folks, there's gonna be some changin' around 

 I got my hands on two books that better
change my surroundings and my environment....


I would love to send you pics of all the decorating done around
here, but my kids destroy my work on a 
daily's beyond frustrating.
My plan, when they aren't destroying is to 
read my new Domino book and come up 
with some decorating to show off.
You should check this book out, 
it really offers everything you 
would need to make your house scream,
I care about beauty and decor.

This book, I got from MY Momma!
I don't think she did it to say I have bad
kids, but she knows another tool would always
help!  When I read this, hopefully I can pass on some
good tips, cuz unless your kids are perfect, 
who wouldn't want some parenting tips?

I am hoping to get Tatum to quit changing her outfits
7 times a day...quit breaking Christmas ornaments....and
quit asking me "Why?" every time I politely ask her to do 

Turner, he's a breeze...when he isn't grunting "No" and
puffing on his crack pipe.

Until then, go check out....

 gave me some photography lessons this past week
and is having a giveaway of my infamous bling earrings.
Go to her Facebook page to enter.
If you don't win them there,
you can check them out and buy them on my site,

I hope to start getting some pics up on the work 
we have done around here.
With Christmas coming up, it may take till next year!

Are your kids tearing your house apart as
you read this blog?



"NO" my kids are not tearing my house up, past that stag... My kids never messed with the tree, they help decorated it and left it alone. Must be something in their mommas genes. I love you my awesome daughter in-law. Also thanks for posting a blog, it is my piece of crack, I was having withdrawals, I may have to have a melt down with Turner...
Another good book is Love and Logic. I know they have parenting classes out there for parents.
Tatum you and your cousin Ellie are so much alike, but when she changes her clothes she wants to wear her brothers clothes... Oh that girl....
Going to check out the book, you know I need change and lots of it.
Thanks for letting me share...

Beth said...

I for one cannot wait to see pics of your place! I'm sure it's stunning. Speaking of "tearing up the place", we have Dave's work party here tomorrow and I am not cleaning until the kids are in bed because frankly....what's the point?