Friday, November 26, 2010

Put down the crackpipe! It's Thanksgiving!

My son is an addict.
His nuk is his crack pipe.

You should be proud of me, 
I resisted buying a pumpkin pie for $7.99 and made
two from scratch for Thanksgiving.
Yes, the crust didn't know I could bake, huh?

Tatum can too!

See, he still has his crack pipe!

We went to my parents for a super low-key included fab food, and everyone took an hour
and a half nap!

The rest of these pictures just capture the day.

I think I will have to do some decor posts on my Mom and Dad's house.
They definitely live in a beautiful space.

And today, I finally have the chance to blog, drink coffee, 
and relax in our new home....all while Branmuffin sleeps in!

How was your Thanksgiving?

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You go girl baking pie for the day of thanks. I love that Tatum is helping you also..
Love the picture of you and your momma, it captures how beautiful the two of you are...
For Turner and his NUK good luck... Brandon loved his bottle it was his crack pipe...