Monday, December 20, 2010


One of my favorite things to attend is
Craft Day.  A gathering of smart, sassy women 
who are not professional crafters by any means, but
we make a good go of it, each and every time.
You've heard me talk about it before here.

It is a great day all around because we craft, eat,
get away from home, eat,
laugh, drink diet coke, eat,
and craft for about 6 straight hours,
no lie.

This time the craft was to make a chalkboard.
One you can hang pretty much anywhere,
like your kitchen, your bathroom, etc.

Indulge yourself in some pictures, 
all with my new photography skills 
{complete with no flash, finally using my SLR Canon Rebel}.

My gorgeous, talented Mom, the hostess with the
most artistic skills in the bunch.

Linda, otherwise known as "Gramma Linda" to Tatum
making her infamous artichoke/pesto chicken.

My sisters-in-law, hard at work, look close
you may see a few tongues hangin' out.

 Kim, an honorary family member, sporting some gorgeous
jewelry if I do say so myself! {Wink, wink.}

 A bit of the food we couldn't stop noshing on!

 Kristine with her masterpiece, she is all freaks about 
navy blue right now...dresses her kids in it constantly, 
can't get enough of it, so of course her board included it.

Kip and Linda got ultra-creative with some 

 Kim with hers...isn't that fun?

And me, with one of my favorite color combinations, hotpink/orange/red
and purple teeth from drinking a small glass of wine.  Oh, and I just noticed
my middle finger up in the air...I didn't mean to do that to you.

All of the boards when completed.

Lastly, my Dad took this picture of all of
us with our new chalkboards...I recently got a haircut and
went with the all-natural look that day, and now
I am wondering why all of my friends didn't
tell me I resemble a flippin' lioness.
Well, at least I like my board.

Toodles, my loves!


Beth said...

So cute! What fun! I love Kristine's board, I'm partial to navy too. Did the other 3 not get the "wear stripes" memo :)

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

That sounds like so much fun.

christine, just bella said...

How fun is this? I love craft days!!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
:) Christine