Saturday, December 11, 2010 more than one way

We are in the middle of a snow-nami.
A major blizzard, where they are forcasting
20 inches.
Great, we are all stuck in the house.
Sound fun?
We are making the best of it.

Brandon has learned to stay on top of the snow fall
he has to shovel in increments.
Which means he leaves me with the 2 kids inside,
while he shovels like a  Big Stud for hours at a time.

{Big Stud}
When I say "Big Stud", it's cuz I am trying reverse psychology on him
and his beard.  Yeah, it's still here, the beard.
And while I appreciate all of your votes, your votes are at an 
all-out war!  At the current amount of 72 votes, we are at a dead lock
of 50/50.

Any ideas of what to do for a tie-breaker?

My womanly wiles have failed me, and that never happens!
He told me today, "I'm so glad I have this beard when I shovel!",
yeah, me too....pshhhhhh.

So, I'm stuck inside and I'm stuck with a beard.
Unless you guys change the votes, and I mean fast, or comment with 
an idea for a way for him to give up the beard or anything really.!?#&
Do you know how crazy one family can get in a blizzard?
Do you know how crazy this beard makes me?
Thanks for your support, comments, new followers, and
{Now start voting in favor of the big shave-off!}

Stuck in a blizzard with a beard.


Leah said...

Ah, but he looks so cute in the hat with that hairy face :)

stewart.shana.ella said...

I think the beard looks fine. With that being said I'm in favor of the shaving of it. Personally being kissed with facial hair is not fun.... I like the clean shaven look. Good luck:)

Juliet Mock said...

We have felt the same way today! (without the beard here though). What the heck do you do all day?!!! I am going crazy!

lhoffman said...

Stuck right there with ya. If you'd have moved over here, we could walk across the snow drifted streets and share a glass of wine and ponder how to get your hubby to shave his beard for you. As for the snow, I'm getting Christmas cards done... kids have been in cozy pj's all day. It's off later to fold laundry and maybe wrap some presents!

Tamara Nicole said...

20 inches! Sheesh! Stay warm, and love his hat!

Nancy said...

Suz - you might not win this happy you have a husband that looks "hot" with it or without it...and he even looks good in that hat! Love you both. Nancy D.


Ditto to Nancys comment. Looks like your husband will be keeping his face warm with hid beard. The hat and beard go togethor like cheese and wine.