Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the meantime, here's my Master Bath....

I have promised you lil' cutie pies pictures of the new abode.
And I have put it off.

My thought was that I would post pictures
when everything was done and perfect in our house.
That's gonna take awhile....reason being,
I have ideas and things to search for, and
I want to get it right.  But, I also need to take the time
to really research what I want to do.
Also, while I have been "making out" with decor magazines,
paint books and scouring stores for the perfect
"something", I have learned that it is
a "work in progress".

All of these talented
designers that I am researching always
change and update their work.

So, you love me for me already right?
You'll understand that all of this takes time, money and patience.
So...realize that not one single room is done in my mind.
And it may always be that way, so I will just continue to 
blog about it and keep you updated!!

Whew...I feel better, thanks for the therapy session!
Wanna see my bathroom as it is today?

I didn't get pictures of the toilet or shower,
kinda cuz I figured who wants to see a toilet??? and my shower
wasn't the cleanest....do you know how hard it is clean,
take pics with the perfect lighting and keep two kids out
of the pictures?  HARD.... t.r.u.s.t. m.e.

Our bathroom has separate sinks, 
with separate oval mirrors..don't know why they did that, 
I would've just put in a full humongous mirror, wouldn't you?

Anywho...rather than buying a new huge mirror right now,
Branmuffin and I, spray painted a mirror we had silver...

Then we hung that baby on the wall...well Branmuffin did.
I just watched and told him where to put it.

And here is a fawn table we 
acquired from my parents...we painted it white.
Currently, it's holding my perfume,
but I don't know how long that will last.

....mainly because fragrance shouldn't be
kept in direct light and my lil' Turner likes to 
play with it and spray himself and/or his sister in the eye.

Overall, you can tell, I need blinds, but
love the light we get.  So, I might go with some cafe' curtains
so our neighbor doesn't see Branmuffin when he
gets out of the shower and I will also save my fragrances.

Lastly...I want a new makeup holder...I have 
seen a designer that paints acrylic organizers
in fun designs, like chevrons and florals,  so I might go that route.

However, in the mean time check out this cute mug
I found it at a little "junk" store across town..
I paid $1.47 for it.  It gives a nice pop of color 
and this pic shows off my new found photography skills!
Thanks, Annie.
Wouldn't cha say???

On the list for someday....
...cafe' curtains or blinds
...paint...hmmm which color?
...fun, quirky rug/towels
...more prints for the walls
...white woodwork
Ahh... a girl can dream....



Elizabeth Benfield said...

i think its looking pretty good so far. and it sounds like you have some great ideas. slow and steady is ok ... this means you will get it right the first time. happy new year to you and yours :)

Shelley said...

Your bathroom reminds me a lot of my own. There was one large mirror running the length of the vanity that we removed and replaced w/ two mirrors, one over each sink. One large mirror was nice, but the reflection was horrible due to how our bathroom was laid out. I stained our vanity a very dark brown, and painted out the trim work white. What a huge difference it made! I'll get some pictures put up on my blog soon so you can see what I'm talking about. BTW, I love the table with all of your fragrances sitting out!

tilly | maison said...

thanks for the mention, suzanne! adorable blog, consider me your newest fan. :)


Summer said...

I like the mirrors like they are!!! Big mirrors aren't so chic on my list. =) But, ya know, that's just me.

Love the look so far!!!