Saturday, December 18, 2010

How do you clean up?

{Yep, that's me when I get to cleanin'.}

I'm thinking it is a right of passage into womanhood that you
learn to "clean house", share recipes, and 
talk about how many loads of laundry you have to do.

I'm great at keeping my house organized and picked up
at almost any given time, but will NEVER brag
that it is clean and you could eat off of my floors.
I don't know why, it's just not a huge priority for me.
I would rather do lots of other things to make me feel I 
accomplished something.  I would almost always pick 
laundry over scrubbing, and organizing over 

Howevs, and this is a big HOWEVER...when I clean,
I use Norwex products, and have just had the opportunity
to try and review more of their amazing line!

Make sure you go to if you would like to know
the nitty-gritty on these products...cuz, I am no expert, but I will tell you which ones
I have used and have fallen head over heels in love with.

This is the rainbow antibac comes in a couple of sizes.
I loooooove these, mainly for cleaning counters in the kitchen
and wiping my kids hands/faces.
You need no product but these cloths and water.
Which is great for the environment, saves money, etc.
The best thing in my book, you don't have
to launder them a ton, you just hang them to dry and 
they are antibacterial.  Plus, they never smell.

This is my next lil' Norwex baby, the dusting mitt.
You take this badboy to the dust all over your house and 
the dust is super attracted to it.  It clings like no other and makes
dusting actually fun!  You can't believe how much ends up on
the cloth and again, no chemicals, less waste, etc.

Lastly, I got a chance to try their 
Bathroom Scrub Mitt.

Actually, Brandon used it on our Master Bath and
asked me to come into the bathroom so I could see how easy
it made cleaning our bathroom.
Remember, I loathe cleaning bathrooms the most,
but I loved this mitt and you really don't have to scrub as hard
when you use this product.

I will post again on some of their other items after I have 
had a good run on using them...I really have nothing but good things
to say about Norwex, the only thing you would have to get used
to is not having that clean smell of cleaning products in your
Have you been to a Norwex party? 
Do you want to know who to get some Norwex from?

she is very knowledgeable and would
be glad to help find the perfect products
to help you clean up your house!


Tamara Nicole said...

I have never heard of it, but looks like some good stuff:-) I got my fave cleaning gloves on Etsy, they are stinking adorable! We use organic cleaners, makes me happy:-)

Sophia Makes Three said...

Thanks Suzanne! I'm so excited to bring Norwex to your readers - glad you're enjoying your products!!

Norwex Consultant