Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tangled in 3D

It twas a big day in our house yesterday!
Tatum went to her first movie in a movie theater.
Wow, what a big deal, especially for a 3 year old.
I made it extra special by allowing her to skip a nap,
buy whatever candy she wanted, and
no boys were allowed!
{Licorice, Nerds, Snickers, Reeses Pieces,
and Ring Pops were her choices of candy. 
Of course, her Momma had to help eat em'.}

We saw Disney's "Tangled" about Rapunzel and her long, 
beautiful hair.  It was a great movie.
Tatum loved it....

Here she is with her girl, Bianca, a fellow 
The best part?

We saw it in 3D!

Nice glasses they give you nowadays, huh?
Problem is, she is gonna think every movie is in 3D and
that one always wears glasses.
She did really well, except for 3 trips to the bathroom,
she has her mother's bladder.

It was a great movie for adults as well....

Mandy Moore did great and has a kick butt voice,
she's been a bit MIA lately, so it was good to hear from her.

So, now Tatum wants really long hair, 
and keeps asking me if it's longer yet!

As far as my hair, I plucked more clear hairs tonight,
this is out of control and I think I might go back to 
highlights to combat the situation.
Any other suggestions?
I'm gonna email my girl for "Hair Help 911".


Anonymous said...

Tell princess tatum all princess's have long hair even aunt princess randi!

stewart.shana.ella said...

Ella is OBSESSED with this movie:) And she now wants long hair as well. Mandy Moore has been MIA, I actually saw her on greys anatomy a little while back as a patient. I was surprised by that. And you are too funny with your "clear hairs."

Holmfamily said...

Aspen LOVES that movie, cannot stop talking about it! Glad you had fun on your girls day!

Tember said...

I want to see that movie, too! What a perfect first movie for Ms. Tatum!! I don't have an excuse to go see it in the theater (Claire isn't quite asking to go yet) so I'll have to wait until it comes out!

Amy said...

I took the girls Sun after Thanksgiving at 7pm!!! Maddie had had no nap that day and the next day was school...what was I thinking?! They did great and loved the movie. I didn't do 3 d this time as when we went to see TS3, the glasses were so big, Maddie didn't wear hers and I thought, why pay extra for her not to be able to enjoy it. I loved the movie though...except there were a few lines Mommy said that I didn't like my daughters to hear...i.e. when she was singing and said she was getting a little fat (or was it plump???) and clearly she was quite thin. I know they were just keeping with the whole mean Mom thing, but....