Monday, December 13, 2010

Ta Da

My Man is back!
And he is a bigger stud than ever!
Gosh, I love kissing that soft face.
Thanks for all of the votes, 
I think he went with what the woman
that kisses him wanted.
After all.....

"Happy Wife, Happy Life"



Brandon you are handsome with or without the beard... I know sometimes we have to do what is RIGHT in our heart not our minds to keep the one who loves to kiss on your smooth shaven face. Suzanne I am glad that you have your man's face back....
I remember the first time in Vegas when he tried to grow some facial hair... The interview in the car.... I laugh so hard and learned that your sense of humor was awesome... Just what Brandon needed in his life....

Beth said...

Yeah for a handsome, clean-shaven face! I'm sure you are happy to have your man back Suz :)
Miss you guys :(