Monday, October 29, 2012

Dolphin Much?

I prolly am the one to blame for her obsession.
I told her this summer my favorite animals are horses and dolphins.
I'm not lyin', they can bring me to tears.  Ask Branmuffin, he has seen it.

It started with her pretending she was a dolphin and making dolphin sounds.
It built from there, but in a downward fashion.

Someone suggested the movie "Dolphin Tale" and that movie became crack in our house.
She wanted me to call her "Winter" and wanted to know when we were going to Florida
so that she could meet "Winter".  Cute, but kinda annoying after a month.

Then I showed her facts on dolphins on the computer and she started telling random strangers
how they breathe when they sleep.

Next up, I had to take her to the Minnesota Zoo.  Our dolphins were leaving at the end of the summer.
 {Marie is all, "Woah Tatum".}

Then she heard there are river dolphins..did you know that? 
Ahem...that meant every body of water we went by she asked if it was a pond or a lake or a river.
"Could there be a river dolphin in there, Mom?".
I'm rolling my eyes, cuz it's outta control.
My neighbor friend brought a dolphin book home from the library for her.
Guess it got around the neighborhood, sheesh.
{A shirt she made with Nana, guess what's on it?!}

I told a friend about this obsession, cuz you know, every kids got one...some are into Spiderman, for some it's unicorns.....
She tells me, "Well, has she seen "Soul Surfer"?".  No!?!?  What's that one about?

I go get it and we watch it 4 times the first day.
If you haven't seen's about the girl that gets her arm
bit off by a shark.
If you are one percent PMS'y it will make you bawl.

Her birthday was an "Ocean" theme.
Do you know how hard it is to find dolphin paraphernalia?

{Peep the necklace.}

Then neighbor-friend texted me, ""The Dolphin" movie is playing
 at the Imax, you guys should go!"
Ummm...yeah.  Poor Turner, he didn't know what hit him.
Dolphin much?

Thank the Lord, she's moved on.

Now her world is Bethany Hamilton {the girl from "Soul Surfer"}.

You should see the looks we get in public.

What's your kid's "Dolphin"?


Alissa said...

Oh Tatum, how I love you! Such a sweet little obsession.

Mary Timmers said...

The girl has PASSION! I love that about her. You still have your Dolphin--clothes and accessories!


Leah said...

I love it! So great!