Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Glam Grab

Calling all girls who like "Glam".  
You know, "Glam" meaning all things that make you feel glamorous!!  
For some that's makeup, for others its clothing, 
but for me...it's jewelry and accessories.

I have another good tip for you.

I'm kind of scared that I found this.

Branmuffin should be scared I found this. 

I actually wish I thought of this.

Here's how it goes...
 Monday night at 7:30 pm, 
I get on my couch after tucking the kids in bed and 
I go to Glam Grab's Facebook page.

I'd give you a link, but just search for Glam Grab
on Facebook.

All you need to do is "Like" the page, 
register, and have a PayPal account.

Start refreshing your FB account over and over.
This page lists 8 to 10 different listings 
of jewelry.  They tell you how much it costs,
how many they have on hand and show a picture.

All you have to do is comment "Grab".
If they have 10 you need to be the first 10 people to comment.
If you are number 12 or 15 you still have a good chance of 
winning the Grab...they take the next in line if people don't pay on PayPal.

 Pretty cool, huh?
Am I gonna get you in big trouble?

Here's a few examples of the "Grabs".

 They do it on Wednesday's during the day too!
They also preview what they are going to auction
earlier in the day...that's nice, cuz you know what to look for.

 And here's me with my "Grab" earrings...

Deets: $24.
Bought on Monday.
Arrived on Thursday.
$.50 for shipping.

Now, that's a Glam Grab.



Mary Timmers said...

See, it's all in the idea. Come up with that, and the millions will follow. FYI- the pic of you in the earrings- a little Vicky Beckham goin on!

Alissa said...

I love this site...a little too much. Great find Suz!