Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sometimes he puts his hands near his face when he smiles,
he's a little bashful that way.
We are working on confidence, and
speaking clearly about what he wants/needs.

The other morning I was scratching his back as he 
watched cartoons, I was still laying in bed.

He turned around and said "Who's lovin' on me?".

That's the stuff that makes a Mom smile.

Most arguments with her are because she is busy with something,
and can't be bothered to listen to her Momma.

She can be sassy, but she's mostly sweet.

 We are working on respect for authority
and consideration for others.

Most of all, those pictures show some good kids.

It was recommended to me and I have shared with 
others.....The Beep Boop App.
It's only available on the Iphone.

 You should give it a try.
It's for positive re-enforcement.
As far as discipline goes...
the more I do now...the less I will have to do later!

On a totally, less fun note.
I just found out I need to have surgery :(
Something about a baseball size cyst on my ovary.

So, if you are the praying kind, I need them.
Especially on the morning of November 12th.
I will be having a hysterectomy.

I am looking at the positives....
it may weigh 10 pounds and that could make a nice
number on the scale the next time I go
to weigh-in. more Aunt Flo.

I blog about a Diva Cup and Thong underwear,
and look what happens!

Which I guess is interesting....isn't it?

So....I will focus on this:



Mary Timmers said...

I've always said YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD MOM! And you are! Praying about your cyst and your "dream operation" to follow!



aheroff2512 said...

You have some cute kids!!!
Praying for you when it comes time for your surgery !!
love you lots <3


Juliet Mock said...

Praying for your Suzanne! I hope the surgery goes well, the cyst is 15 pounds of nothing that you get to lose and hey, you can still wear thongs. Not sure if you would 'just want to wear' the diva cup for fun, but that is totally up to you! :)

Suzanne Cartmill said...

Maybe I will do a give away with my Diva cup...I could sanitize it!! Nice to hear from u Julia! Hope u get the painted door too

Leah said...

Suzanne, wow! I am sorry to hear about this cyst! I will be praying for you. I am writing the date in my journal. The Lord has you in the palm of His hand. I read something recently that really comforted me...Nothing comes to you that hasn't first passed by God. He knows and He is in control. Praying for you friend!