Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm looking for a fair trade..

I'm pretty much obsessed with the flower, peony.

My Mom has em' in her garden in the summer.
 I insisted on them being in my wedding bouquet.

She must be obssessed too...she has 105 of them pinned on a board on Pinterest.
Her Pinterest board has over 8200 pins,
seriously?!  That's what I call a problem.  
Now that I have mentioned it...maybe you wanna follow that problem.

I am seeing them in home decor in almost every magazine shoot I see.
Of course they are using the real, live flower...wish I had the bones to have 
a weekly bouquet delivered to my home this winter!

But, I don't.  Maybe I could work that into the budget.

For instance, look at Kate Spade's office.

So, I am working on making my own FAKE peony arrangement.
Yeah, I am....I know it doesn't sound nice, but it will look nice and going
forward I will use the word, faux over fake.

I have run into a problemo.
I cannot find any peony buds...closed buds, that look like this.

I have looked on Google, Ebay, Etsy, one has the buds!

Please be a dear and tell me where I can find them.
Or, if you live in a place that has peonies all year round
you could send them to me...on a regular basis too.

Maybe I could trade you?!  I could come paint a door in your home, or
bleach a couch, you get the idea.

Oh, and anything wrong with faux flowers?  
It's not a wedding bouquet....


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Mary Timmers said...

Thanks for the shout-out Baby Girl!I'm with you on the love of. Now that the ENITRE WORLD knows about your obsession, I'm sure peonies will come pouring in! As I write this, some factory in China has started the manufacture of peony buds in an array of colors!