Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crazy girl-NO

Now, if it's about home decor and you call me
crazy, I could care less.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I know what I am 
talking about, at least a little bit.  It's not that difficult...this decor stuff.

I'll use pictures to explain.

I want to do this:

to a door in our pantry:

 where you see the pink arrow.

Red circles mean I want to replace those too...in time, in time.
To this:

I text Brandon the idea, he's at work.  

Maybe I should have better timing.

But, if I see things I like....I go crazy.

And I have to have.it.now.

He says:

 ...he didn't think I needed a white kitchen years ago
and when it was done, he replied "this is awesome".

Then, he went off the deep end.

What's not to like about this idea?!

 It's just a bunch of fabulous that I want to
embrace in our home.

 We are a fabulous family,
so, we need more fabulous-ness.

 I'm thinking the service door to the garage 
would become a salmon color
or HOT pink.  
It will cover dirt and brighten our mudroom.

And the green in our kitchen will add "freshness".
Then I went and put it on Facebook....
...happy to say, most people agree we should give it a whirl.

Then I called my Mom and she told me about 
two other doors I hadn't thought about.....hmmm.

I am not crazy.

I just like color.


Mary Timmers said...

A LONG DARK WINTER is coming, no doubt about it! Add as much LIGHT AND COLOR you can! Some people can't envision things in their heads--some people can. New ideas don't always come easily, but what the hey, that's what life is about--adding color and life!!!

Megan said...

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure we were meant to be friends! I want a hot pink door, and a green one!!!! DO IT!

Sydney said...

Hahaha!! I was literally loling at the txts between you two! Hilarious!! If its to bright for his liking maybe a couple coats with make it dark enough for him?? I think it would/will look reeeeally good though with all the white! It would add just enough splash to make it not all white but yet not be over bearing.

Juliet Mock said...

You SOOO have me wanting to do a bright colored door in our mud room/garage entry! :)