Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sparkle on...

This past weekend I attended a fabulous event.
It was held at our church.
It was a women's event called "Sparkle".

It was life-changing for me....
....and I would say it was for a lot of the thousands of 
women that attended.

The key speaker, Charlotte Gambill
is a woman to be admired.

She was fun and bubbly, but she really told it "real".

Life is not all sparkles.
Some of us won't admit that to anyone.
My life is not all cute stuff, shopping, and my kiddos.
Life, for me, can be hard, at times.

Some of the messages were tough to hear...
it called me out on the things I am lacking in my Faith.

One thing she said really resonated.
That as women, we are "connectors".
We love to connect with others.
And I have a platform that I can use to connect you 
to my faith!

On this blog,

So, if you see some stuff you don't agree with and you wanna
not be a follower of my blog...I can handle that.

And if you want to hear more about my faith and
how I think He can help you...follow me, and
reach out if you need help....cuz, I am here and would 
love to help you in what you are struggling with.

Because, honestly, it's what I should do.

And when I help others, my struggles don't seem so hard.
I get a better perspective.

Because there is a reason that I am going through
what I am going through. 

I only wanna go where He wants me.

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Mary Timmers said...

Talk about "owning your zone"! Way to go, Baby Girl! Courage is contageous-- you've just encouraged mine!