Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She's watching me...

I had heard it a few times before 
and kinda believed it, but I thought I had time.

It came from my friends, or my Mom, or other Moms.
Moms of daughters, in particular. 

They would say,
"She's watching your every move, you know."
"Be careful, she will pick up on that."

It's that time.
It's happening already and she just turned 5 years old last month.

Kinda sad, but I better take full responsiblity or
we will be in trouble....we, referring to her Dad and I.

My daughter grabs my tweezer imitating me, looking for gray hairs, 
or tries to make her hair wavy, like mine. 
She wants my lip gloss after  I apply it.
And when I get dressed in the morning, she
usually says "Ohh cute Mommy, I like your shirt.  Will you 
save that for me when I get bigger?".

I never explain, "it won't be in style" or it'll probably
"never be your size".  I just say, "Of course I will, Tatum."
Then I kiss her on the forehead and tell her
how nice she is, and that she's absolutely gorgeous.

So you know where that brings me?

I wear thong underwear.
There, I said it. I'm getting personal again, aren't I?

That's prolly gonna be a problem then, isn't it?
She and her brother have mentioned it, "Mommy, why 
does your underwear not cover your boom-boom?".  
{That's what we call em' in our house.}

And what do you say to that?  
"I wear a thong cuz that's the underwear I started
wearing 20 years ago and it's cuz it's comfortable to me?"

I didn't have a daughter 20 years ago.

But, I do now.  
She watches me like a hawk.

I never use words like, skinny or fat, or big.
I don't even want them in her vocab.
Most of all,  I always compliment her spirit, her smile,
her laugh and how pretty she is.  
I make sure I tell her she is smart too, I think
that's important for a girl to hear.

What was supposed to be me talking about "thong underwear"
has turned into "raising your daugther".  
I didn't mean for that.

But, I can't talk about my daughter and not
tell you I have hopes for her and want her to 
have a blessed life.  I want to protect her from pain.
And, I want her to be confident.

I could care less if she becomes a hair dresser or
a scientist, a professional ballet dancer, or a
doctor.  I just want her to love it....to sparkle while she
does it.  To know she was meant to do "it".

So, this is where I need your help.

The 16 year old girl at Nordstroms told me "boy shorts" are
what everyone is wearing.  So, I found a few pairs that I like.
They are comfy.  

I'd rather wear something I don't have to 
explain to my daughter.  I am the example now, aren't I?

Tell me what you wear?!
Tell me where to get them.
I may even need the style number so I can get it right.

Cuz, I went to this.....

 ...and I think with these, I will have less
explainin' to do.

I can't be the only one still wearing thongs.....


Mary Timmers said...

I wore thongs for about two weeks once. My problem came when I went to use the bathroom (you know what) and they were hiding in a roll of fat. Very frustrating, digging around for them as I danced in front of the toilet! I wear "granny pants" with at- the- hip and high leg fit. To me, that's not granny, but Suzanne and Tatum think so!

sydney85 said...

I wear thongs and bikini panties. I really like underwear from the Gap. I like their lacy panties very much. I am in my fifties and still like to wear thongs. My daughter is in her 20's and she has not worn a thong yet.

Leah said...

Haha, love this. I've worn thongs forever too. One day a couple years ago my girlfriend tells me she knows I wear thongs because her daughter told her "Mrs. Swanson wears those stringy underwear" or something like that. Apparently Sophia and her had been talking about it! Here all of our laundry is dried on the line, we don't have a drier. So I have to be especially careful what's on the line when guests are here!!