Friday, October 5, 2012

Horrible Traveling

I have a bone to pick.

It's for anyone who travels for work and says it sucks.


Branmuffin traveled often while I stayed home, 
raising babies.  He said it's horrible and tiring.

Yes, I know it sucks if you don't sleep well or 
sit next to someone on the plane that had bad breath {I had that problem}
or that you go to a cool city and don't see a thing 
except for the hotel walls.

But, you really aren't admitting the luxury of never
cooking and cleaning up after yourself and every other
family member.

Oh, and there's the  luxury of taking an uninterrupted shower
and using fluffy towels that you didn't have to launder.
 At the same time, your coffee is brewing in a Kuerig 
next to your bathroom.

You get to sleep in the middle of the bed and order 
room service and again, everyone cleans up after you.
 {My room service, plus a movie.}

Don't forget...the food is not what you have in your 
house ever  -crab cakes, flour less chocolate cake, 
and salted caramel lattes.

I went to Seattle for two nights.
It was pretty much bliss.
When I first got there I felt bad.
Then I took advantage of the time.

 {Work at coffee shop.}

Come on husbands!
Admit that there are SOME perks to traveling
for work.

And, if you can't do that...then when your wife,
{especially if she is a stay at home Mom} says she wants
to get away with her girlfriends...
LET HER!! {Branmuffin is really good at that!}

It doesn't count if you make her feel bad when she
is gone on her girl's weekend.  Tell her to enjoy herself...
we women can find that hard to do.

Here's the other thing,
when I get home, I will take over!  House stuff, kid stuff,
routine stuff, just cuz, I know he has done it all.
And, if I am tired.  I will never let him know it.

That's what we want when you come back, right?!

Only bad part of my trip....

...missin' my babies and my husband...

Okay, I didn't sleep well either.



Mary Timmers said...

Sometimes the truth is just how you look at stuff. But I don't think that husbands would say that stay-at-home moms are liars when they come home from work, and SHE runs out the front door for a break. Raising kids can make you crazy! Traveling for work doesn't.

Alissa said...

As long as travelling involves having your own hotel room, I'm in. Not that I didn't love all of the lovely ladies that I worked with during these meetings that were then my roommates as well. It's all just a little awkard and too close. Oh and if your nights are somewhat free, then I'm good with it too. The travel that involves non-stop days with "forced fun" at night gets to be way too much. But, I'll be in Houston next week, with my own room, and my own all should be great!!

Ashley said...

I hear you!! Bummer though since I live in Seattle...maybe we can meet up some time!!! glad to see you are back up to bloggging!!!

♥ Ashley