Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Wife = Paint the doors

I got my doors painted.

Branmuffin caved.

True story is...we went to the paint store that day.
Bought the paint, he taped and prepped.
I painted.
Prepping and taping is harder.

This ended up not being about a few doors I wanted to paint.

After the first coat on each of the 3 doors, 
I wanted to go up to my room and go to bed.
I hated it and had that sick feeling of "what did I do?".

What I thought would be done in one night 
ended up taking a couple of nights and
a few trips to the paint store.

I learned this:

Be patient in your projects.
Look at it from different perspectives and light.
My husband loves me.
I know what colors I like, not the guy at the paint store.

See that Pepto Bismol door in my entry?!

Yeah, that's what the paint guy talked me into.

Four coats on three doors later, I am done.
And I am happy.

I went back and got "Peony".

The green is called "Sweetness".

{The fish was painted by my Mom, it ended up being the inspiration.}

And here's all three doors in one shot.
I'm not a professional photographer and
it's so hard to shoot that mudroom because 
there is NO natural light...but this gives the idea.

Most importantly....

Husbands are happy when wives are happy!

If you look close, you'll 
find I hung my "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 
sign above one of the green doors...

Just as a gentle reminder to all!



Mary Timmers said...

Thanks for the TWO links to me! I will have to go back to Facebook to see if I can get to your pics! Love the name, Peony!

Leah said...

I think they all look great Suz!

Otis Kunkle said...

“I know what colors I like, not the guy at the paint store. “ – Cheers to that! Plus, it’s your home, so you call the shots. On the other hand, you should consider suggestions from professionals, especially when pointing out the type of paint right for your door. But the color? I think you can pretty much decide on that. Anyway, I like how it all turned out. It looks like a very happy home to me. :]

-->Otis Kunkle