Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome M'Selle

If you are the type that gets all gushy over
puppies and newborn's about to get cute and cuddly here.

My Mom and Dad lost both of their dogs, Lilly and Petunia
over the last 6 months.  They just couldn't get used to a home without
a four-legged friend.  We are "dog people", nuff said.

Well, I am happy to announce their "new baby to the world!
Her name is Mademoiselle, but she will mostly be called M'Selle.

She's a Maltese and right now is pretty hefty
at a pound and a half.

 Of course, my kids are smitten.

 Can you blame them?

She's all kisses and licks and finally
there is a baby younger than them around!

Serious side note and a tip....

Did you know if you give a juice box "wings" as seen above, 
your kids can't squirt their juice box all over the place?!?!
I just learned that this week at a playdate, and it's kind of saving my life.

Happy Friday, I hope you have glamorous plans!


Shelley said...

That is probably one of the cutest pups I've seen in a long time :D And, GREAT tip on the juice box! I will totally be trying that!

Silver Lining Decor said... So, so cute!! I just love a little baby pup or kitten; melts my heart!!

Leah said...

adorable pup, BEAUTIFUL pics of Tatum. Thanks for the drink box tip, Gabe soaks himself every time he has one.