Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This post is gonna be all over the place,
that's a warning for you.

I need help.
I got all confident while working on Blogger and
erased my background....did you notice it's boring and white?
I need help fixing it.
So, to all of you bloggers out there...who is the best for
creating a new look for my blog?  Oh, and they need to do it on the
cheap...cuz I spend all of our money here on projects....DIY, home projects.

And speaking of those, I need your help again.
I have this couch that I like, but it's faded.
I am looking for a slipcover and I think I found one....

....then I read the online reviews and it's making me
rethink the slipcover idea.

Thoughts?  Do you have experience with a couch slipcover? 
And....tell me who designed your blog background, 
I need help.

But, guess what?  Branmuffin is painting again...
and here is the color.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

I can't wait to show you what we are working on now!

Toodles, comment on the help I need..PLEASE!


A.Parsons said...

Try this site:
They have lots of free backgrounds!

Simply Kelly said...

I found my layout by doing a google search for free blogger templates. I'm actually a fan of the white backgrounds-- find they are easier to read.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a slipcover from Pottery Barn (one that could go on any couch). I felt like every time anyone sat on it, I would have to re-tuck and readjust. It was such a pain in the butt that I sold it on craig's list.

Sophia Makes Three said...

I know a super easy way to add a background to your blog without paying anyone to do it for you. Let me know if you want me to walk you through it!

Anonymous said...

I like the white its so fresh and clean!